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The French are Coming
2017-02-15 20:00:00 / News

A French tech tree line comes in Update 3.6, and we’ve got the lowdown.

Renault FT (Tier I)

If the FT looks familiar, it’s because it’s the predecessor of the USSR MS-1. It also has the honor of being the first tank in what we’d consider a “modern” configuration, unlike contemporary British and German tanks.

D1 (Tier II)

With the same 25mm six-shooter as the FT, the slow-moving D1 isn’t likely to win any races. Instead, take advantage of cover and use its solid gun to support your team’s advance.

D2 (Tier III)

Faster and better armored than the D1, and reloads faster. It might have difficulty penetrating heavily armed tier IV tanks, so chose your shots wisely!

B1 (Tier IV)

A researchable version of the French tanks later repurposed as the German Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f), and is much easier to pronounce. 600 HP, 60mm hull armor, and the same turret as the D2.

BDR G1 B (Tier V)

The BDR G1 B makes up for its size and tall silhouette with firepower. It can be equipped with a 90mm tier VII gun that dished out 225 HP of damage. That number beats its peers at tier V, but its penetration is also impressive. In other words, enemies will scramble to stay out of your sights.

ARL 44 (Tier VI)

At stock configuration, the boxy ARL 44 looks a bit like a birdhouse. But when fully upgraded, it’s a formidable foe. Sloped 120mm frontal armor, good handling, and respectable armament makes it easy to appreciate in battle. Its top gun boasts 212mm of penetration, meaning you probably won’t hear “ricochet!” while using it.

AMX M4 45 (Tier VII)

If you’ve used the Tiger I, the AMX M4 45 will feel very familiar. Both tanks are huge, easy to hit, susceptible to critical damage, and brandish a fast gun that hits hard. However, the AMX M4 45 has better handling and the top gun is the ARL 44’s with a higher rate of fire. With plenty of penetration, you shouldn’t have any time reaching its 2,000 HP per minute potential.

From tier VIII on, the French line changes. They’re heavy tanks, but they behave more like big medium tanks with plenty of firepower. One word: Autoloader.

AMX 50 100 (Tier VIII)

A skilled tanker should be able to destroy an enemy vehicle in about one minute with the four-shell autoloader that reloads in a little over three seconds. Working with a Platoonmate, that time can drop even more.

That firepower comes at a cost, though. With thin armor, the AMX 50 100 will require its mobility to stay alive. There’s no shame in picking off weakened enemies, but avoid one-on-one battles unless a single magazine can finish off your foe.

AMX 50 120 and AMX 50B (Tier IX and X)

These two tanks not only look similar, but also have very similar stats. Compare:

The primary difference is frontal armor, with the 50B boasting an additional 70mm on the hull and 50mm on the turret. That’s impressive, but the thin side armor means you need to avoid exposing your sides to the enemy. Both tanks are fast, but the maneuverability means you’ll lose speed if you’re forced to do a lot of cornering.

Both share the same top gun; the 120mm SA46. With three shells, you can dish out 1,200 HP worth of damage in five seconds. ACPR Premium shells also offer a whopping 340mm of penetration, meaning there’s no armor that can slow you down.

Like America’s T57 Heavy, both of these French tanks fight best in a Platoon. Ideally, you should partner with a tank that has an autoloader or plenty of armor.

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