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Игра Зоркий Глаз. Ответы на уровни

Game has gained immense popularity for “Sharp eye “is not only the successful project, but also interesting and helpful to mental development application. However, do not linger long near the monitor screen. This is the end result will certainly affect your vision and posture. But now is not about that. Since this game is played by millions of users around the world, then we recommend you to join them and take part.

I am glad also that “ Sharp Eyes ” refers to the number of free online games. Another advantage is the fact that it does not need to be installed to your computer. This saves disk space. Also indisputable advantage is the requirement to your PC, they are so low that you can play on an old computer.

As for the audience, the game is designed for all ages. This may be the children of two years and retired seventy years. During the game, you will need to look at the differences between the two pictures shown. Once you find this difference, you klatsat-click on this field. If everything is correct, you get to the next level. Which topics will not only treat the picture, there will be presented to the animals, exotic places, culture, people and other. It is also worth noting that all of them are of excellent quality and without any vulgarity, which undoubtedly pleases.

Of course, sometimes it is very easy to do, and sometimes have good eyesight podnapryach before the required notice the difference. In your game balance will be for each correct answer get points. In this case it will be – the game coins. But do not hurry too, because for wrong click, you will be shooting the aforementioned game currency.

It is necessary then, you guessed it, developers can earn some money on their creation. And after going through twenty levels you will be asked to pay for the opportunity to continue playing. However, you can not pay, but just wait a bit. The choice is yours. Next we will give some practical tips to make it easier and cheaper to run the game. If necessary, we advise to resort to the prompts.

First of all, you can use a magnifying glass, it will help you get a better view desired portion of the picture. After the desired contrast is likely very tiny. If this does not work, you can skip a level, but it is better not to hurry to do, because it is worth remembering the importance of accumulating coins. Also there is a useful feature highlighting differences. After that, you need only click of the left mouse and proceed to the next level.

If this does not work, or they have run out, you can also ask for help from friends. They are happy to respond to your problem. Is interesting and important and what do they will not leave the “Odnoklassniki”. Well, if there is already a corkscrew, then use the answers to the game “keen eye” below.

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