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The upgrading of the 9.9 graphics World of Tanks has undergone serious modernization. We updated the image smoothing methods, significantly reworked the shadows, improved lighting and optimized performance of the game client. Also, great attention was paid to the overall stability of the image – now you’ll see less “flicker” in various post-effects (HDR Bloom, HBAO, RO, etc.. [1,999,020] [1,999,020] d.).

This article tells of the change and will demonstrate qualitative growth “pictures”.

New anti-aliasing

Version 9.9 in the game has a new method of anti-aliasing – [1,999,037] temporal smoothing TSSAA [1,999,008] ( Temporal Super Sampling Anti-Aliasing [1,999,038]).

Smoothing (Anti-Aliasing) – technology is used to eliminate the effect of “jaggies” that occurs at the edges [1,999,049] object.

Among all the technologies smoothing TSSAA stands excellent quality and overall image stabilization eliminates the visual noise of pixel jitter on thin objects, and Flicker shiny surfaces in motion.

Unlike already available in World of Tanks method smoothing FXAA , TSSAA – is a high temporal method which is used to smooth out not only the current frame, but also has a certain amount are drawn to this point shots, with the reconstruction of the old provisions of pixels, using their speed. This allows for a smoother, more cinematic images in the game with little additional load on the graphics card.

Unlike TXAA , TSSAA is not tied to a specific manufacturer, and works on all spectrum of video cards that support improved graphics.

It is these qualities that make TSSAA best choice for the gaming industry. For version 9.9 temporal smoothing technique ( TSSAA [1,999,038]) has been created from scratch to modify the game engine BigWorld, which is used in World of Tanks.

[1,999,016] algorithm TSSAA will be available in two versions:

  • TSSAA-LQ – “lightweight” version of the new smoothing method in image processing is used less the number of previous frames;
  • TSSAA-HQ – the highest quality antialiasing method.

Currently underway research to improve the accuracy of the reconstruction, and as a result, image sharpness in the distance.

Note: A new method of smoothing is only available for enhanced graphics. Enabling smoothing can affect the performance of the game. It is recommended to use the new smoothing algorithm on computers that meet the recommended system requirements and better.

If your computer has been the weak point of the processor, you do not notice the difference in performance between the maximum and the relief method, since the main burden falls on the video card.

View screenshots in full size:

New shade

There are an update 9.9 have been completely reworked the shadows. As a result, improve their quality, as well as significantly reduce the load on the CPU and graphics card.

  • New algorithm can not calculate shadows from static objects anew for each frame. As a nice bonus with this approach, we “free” (in terms of the load), we obtain the so-called “soft” shadows, or Variable Penumbra Soft Shadow [1,999,037] (realistic visual effect of increasing the shadow blur with increasing distance to the object – a source of shade).
  • Shadows of dynamic objects seriously alleviated and also became “soft” at maximum settings.
  • Improved contact the shade (Contact Shadows and Ambient Occlusion – a technology that creates a soft and realistic shading contact between objects) previously submitted in the game algorithm HBAO [1,999,037] (Horizon-based Ambient Occlusion). To 9.9 algorithm HBAO rewritten and optimized, thus improving the quality and temporal stability.
  • [1,999,091] For medium settings instead HBAO written a simple but very fast and high-quality analogue SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion – diffuse shading in screen space) to optimize the performance. [1,999,096]


Version 9.9 uses Variable Penumbra Soft Shadow [1,999,037] (realistic visual effect of increasing the shadow blur with increasing distance to the object – a source of shade) .

View screenshots in high resolution:

Update 9.8 [1,999,018]

[1,999,207] Update 9.9 [1,999,018]

This photo illustrates the optical effect of increasing blurring of shadows with increasing distance to the source of the shadows: the right of the photo are visible blur, soft shadows of the tree, with the shadow of a tank more contrast t. a. the object – the source of the shadow is closer.

New lighting

Improved lighting model materials (BRDF). She responsible for the way the light is reflected at different angles, or absorbed by the surface depending on its roughness (micro-relief). [1,999,018]

[1,999,020] new lighting model (BRDF) known worldwide as GGX , or Microfacet BRDF with a GGX distribution – it is this model is the most physically correct and is at the forefront of technology in the real-time rendering.

Changes lighting models allow more accurately track various types of materials, and will be most noticeable in the models of tanks, processed into HD -quality.

Version 9.9 uses an improved model of lighting materials (BRDF)

[1,999,194] See screenshots in high resolution:

Update 9.8 [1,999,018]

[1,999,264] Update 9.9 [1,999,018]


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