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Hello everyone. Today was broadcast dedicated third campaign, a leading translation – Alexei Ilyin aka Inaki, head tank direction of department on work with the gaming community Wargaming, a guest – Dmitry Grigorov aka fluke and Alexei Plotnikov aka Orc, specialists in the clan and the Global map Wargaming.
– 3 campaign timed to coincide with the anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. Will last about a month before Christmas is over praznikov (25 numbers we already know all the results). Divided into 3 phases: “Race to the Sea” (level 6), “Verdun chopper” (8 levels), “Fall of the Empire” (level 10).
– In 3 campaign players themselves will be able to choose the tank for a win (M60, Object 907 or VK 72.01 (K)). The tank will get only those who fall into the Top 30000 on earned points Fame. 3 At the end of the campaign they will receive a link to the page on which you can choose one of three tanks to choose from. The choice will be given 3 days, if a player does not chose a tank during this time, he will be credited automatic object 907.

IMPORTANT! If you already have one of these tanks in the hangar, you can not get it again (exactly as compensation Golda), regardless of whether there is this tank in your stats or not – the important presence in the hangar.
– In addition to the first tank top 50000 on earned points Fame receive a unique summer camouflage on any single tank in his hangar, because it was the first time in 3 campaigns introduced such a thing as a unique clan content: camouflage, logos, lettering. This camouflage is the first sign, the work will be tested extradition fidbek collected, identified audience interested in the content. There are already over thoughts and future camouflage, which will be more pronounced than usual. An example was brought digital camouflage, which will be made much brighter, more visible and more detailed than the current in the branch of Chinese tanks.
– T95E6 too clannish tank, it will be issued for the clan activity. Details until
– All three phases of the campaign gameplay could not be bound.
– between stages will reshape the world.
– At the request of the players the tanks will not be issued accounts that almost did not participate and just got the tank nahalyavu for various kinds of quests on the map as in past campaigns (was cited statistics that those on 2 campaign was not more than 20)
– During the campaign, 3 points for quests will be charged immediately after the (next turn after) and not on the last day as in past campaigns
– If a clan or players gain the same number of points of Glory (especially true for top end of the list), the number of prizes will be increased, and these players / clans also give out prizes
– In 3 campaigns refused points victory, clans will receive also Fame Points (sum of all Points of Fame player + some coefficients)
Explanation: ie Fame Points will be awarded for the clan after the fight, if the player will go into another clan, he will not lose personal glory points, and points earned clan remain in the old clan (they do not go after the player)
– All the tanks mentioned above are the only clan, they can not be bought, they can not be earn through combat missions. Currently no longer planned to use in the future clan activity. In stock still has a future T95E6, 2015 are preparing new tanks
– Under the IBZ in the future will go to 4 tanks, including one tank 10 level. They are now in the testing phase
– 7 and 9 levelnye tanks are not used in the campaign, because they are not used in the fortified area and design not previously used these tanks in clan activity, and because the tanks 8 and 10 levels are more versatile. Also pumping tanks 7 and 9 levels will adversely affect the preparation of the players in the campaign, given the large number of tanks 6 and 8 levels.
– 4 campaign is likely to be, but it is not a priority.
– In 2015 there will be introduced GC 2.0. Priority will udelёn her. (UPD. Not in the SH, and within the department!)
– In the first stage (level 6), the coefficient obtained points to glory will be 1.5 because of the fact that the level 6 gets a lot less experience than 8s and 10- ki. Balance above all.
– Restrictions on the class and the number of tanks at each stage will not. The only limitation – the level of the tanks.
– Variation in the award is made more special campaign under the influence of 2 players to even more hard fought for him.
– WG will hold 2 provinces (Minsk and Norilsk) within Inventa with medals for taking these regions.
– Fight “Farm” on 3 campaign will not, because by default under the rules is not a ride.
– No one can take away from you your earned points Glory
– Clans, on that attack, chosen at random from the list.
– Closest update Urs bring combat consumables (very soon). Will add new destinations. It will be necessary to construct a building to prepare the reserves, and the amount of reserves will mean a number of uses.
– In 3 campaign machinery frosts will not
– The next tournament “absolute superiority” will be held next year. Want to try a pilot tournament absolute-format “attack-defense”
– After 3 campaign next event will take place already on GK 2.0

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