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Soon Global Map will begin the long-awaited third campaign. The clan will be able to fight again for the unique medal game gold and special clan tank, which will be able to choose yourself!

In 2014, 100 years since the beginning of the First World War, later called the Great. One of the most global and terrible wars in history lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918.

century with the beginning of the Great War is dedicated to third campaign on the Global Map.

During the Third campaign will operate in parallel two global maps: one – designed specifically for the campaign, the second – to work on the standard rules. Map of the third campaign will open in test mode for 10 of November (during testing rules apply) .In the day of launch of the campaign, this card will be “cleaned” and on it including “redivision of the world.” All the chips are located on the map, return to the reserve.

phase of the campaign

The third campaign will begin November 20 , and will consist of three stages:

  1. Race to the Sea “. Participates technique I-VI levels.
  2. Verdenskaya chopper “. Participates technique I-VIII levels.
  3. Fall of the Empire “. Participates technique I-X levels.

At every stage of the participants of the battle will be unique challenges. Clans will also be able to perform common tasks in the campaign in exchange for additional compensation. Steps will be divided in small intervals, during which the soldiers can relax and prepare for the upcoming battle. Before each stage will begin “redivision of the world.”

The winners of the campaign will be the clans, who will get the most points Fame.

Points of Fame

One of the features of the Third Campaign – waiver the concept of “victory points”. Efficiency clan henceforth defined as its strategic success and strength of its participants. During the execution of combat missions and other productive actions clan get points glory. Players participating in the battles on the Global Map, also earn points fame, on which their personal rating, but the clan and further obtains the total number of points of glory, caught his fighters.

Attention! Now there are two rating Fame Points: clan and individual.

Third Prizes campaign

Among the prizes to the winners and participants of the Third Campaign – game gold, unique camouflage, tanks clan and special medals.

30000 players earned in the individual competition maximum points fame, will be rewarded with one of the tanks level X: ” Object 907 “[1,999,062] [1,999,063] [1,999,022] [1,999,065] M60 and VK 7201 (K) . In this case, unlike in previous campaigns, where the prize tank was determined in advance this time you can choose which of the above machines you want to have in the Hangar!

In addition, 50000 best players will receive a special camouflage clan.

Clans included in Top 50 on the results of the campaign will be awarded the game gold:

  • 1st place – 1000000 in treasury clan;
  • 2nd place – 500 000 the treasury clan;
  • 3rd place – 300 000 in treasury clan;
  • 4-10 place – 50000 in treasury Clan;
  • 11-30 Place – 30000 in treasury clan;
  • 31-50 Place – 10000 in treasury clan.
medals, decorations and memorials


Clans, who took in the third campaign, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the ranking by points fame, will be awarded the Order of the Entente corresponding degree.

Full rules of the Third Global Campaign on the map, including the conditions for obtaining the remaining medals, will be published shortly. Follow the news!

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