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In October 1929 adopted the French army was adopted medium tank Char D1, is a development of lung Renault NC (aka the development of Renault FT). Just as in his time on the basis of Renault FT created self-propelled, as fate and chassis Char D1 (Renault TY).

История французского танкостроения. Неспешный защитник Линии Мажино

In 1930, on the basis of Renault TY developed self-propelled unit, which was supposed to equip a certain gun, 82 mm. What was the gun is still unknown, but generally similar to the caliber of the French somehow was not held in high esteem.

Like the ACS-based Renault FT, the original chassis remained unchanged. Native to said shuttle cars, and the general concept: gun breech Vered installed that allows you to leave the system in the dimensions of the tank (especially since the fire is still planned from prepared positions, and therefore a driver at that time was out of the tank). Compared to Chard D1 mass self-propelled decreased from 14 to 12 tons, so the question arose about mobility. The crew of the ACS was 5 people, with, as already mentioned, while shooting a driver was out of the tank.

assumed that the self-propelled unit will be part of a mobile defense Maginot Line, like Char BB. As planned, creep quickly reconnected to the section of the line, where there was a dangerous situation, and its fire intensified defense. With Char BB self-propelled Native also that the project was closed for the same reason – the Conference on Disarmament. In 1932, the project was closed, although in principle the possibility of building such a machine was completely. By the concept of ACS based on Char D returned 2 years later, but it was a completely different car.

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