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Hello everyone,

after yesterday’s Hall of Shame, I recieved an e-mail from the Insider. Apparently, he was quite amused, but had something to add. I’ll leave his e-mail here (slightly redacted – removed some personal info – and with typos fixed). Here goes:

Minsk does read the Hall of Shame from time to time and knows well about certain clans with racism mottos, in fact they have handed a couple death threats to police already and the amount of bans has increased since last year. However, they hand the info to the Paris office, what they do with it… who knows, however it’s most likely shit clans like UNICA and EFE will never appear in an official WG article or contest due their behavior. Garbad from US cluster, his absolute douchebagginess towards a certain sector of the playerbase got him a forum ban, directly ordered by the RU office.

The Insider adds that the Russian server has different issues, specifically clans supporting the Russian occupation of Ukraine (founded for political purposes) – in such cases (as well as clans supporting fascist figures in Ukraine), the entire clan gets booted. Regarding what Wargamer or can/cannot do about nazis in the game:

Alternatively, WG could also be pressured to act, however it’s kinda tricky, basically you need a player to actually go to the police and hand the “death threaths”, especially in those countries, where the sole mention of nazism and its offsprings are legally forbidden, but make sure the offender is actually in one of the countries where this is enforced, that’s the tricky part, they put attention to especially nasty folks who stalk in places like Facebook, are ill minded and even generally open about it.

Think it’s a joke? Nope, a guy in the USA is facing jail for handing death threats on Facebook after losing a game of League of Legends and other law enforcement states in the USA are opting for an attitude of similar ways. The police can actually pressure Wargaming into forcing to either give the information about the offender, or force them to ban the player, or face legal charges and fines for “protecting violent behavior”. All it takes, is one person to be willing to spend an evening on the police to do it.

To close this matter, as far as I know, there are around 7 cases with open investigation for such, 2 of them in Germany, 1 in France, the rest in Belgium or the Czech Republic, and the mentioned accounts have a permanent suspension currently.

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