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It’s time to talk to the Insider again and ask him what’s going on in Wargaming. This time, we’ll talk about the Maus restoration, which is, according to the Insider, still ongoing, but not exactly without hiccups. In the words of the Insider (redacted a bit):

Kubinka is relentlessly denying any attempt to restore the Maus in “the Soviet way” (if it moves, it works mindset), they want it as historically accurate as possible, which is good, and not so good for the sponsors, because the cost of the Maus restoration is currently estimated already over 8.627.725 rubles (SS: that’s actually extremely cheap, it’s like 145k Euro, I expected to add at least one zero to that – perhaps it’s just the first step).

Kubinka has already denied sponsorships from a couple of rich people in the past, because it seems they wanted to use Soviet engines and components (not as in replicas, but tank engines/parts adapted into it, which kinda beats the purpose of “restoration”). After a certain article about “restoring a fascist tank” in the newspapers, the museum gained a major notoriety benefit – contrary of political schemes trying to make “patriotism” and all that, it’s staying out of political rife for the time being.

There are already candidates for some parts on the interior, most of these are to be custom built

At some point, someone tried to talk with the Bundesarchiv to become part of the project and even ask for some extra data, but the German officials refused this request quickly: “we dont want to be part of anything about nazis and war”. This makes makes little sense considering most of the blueprints and designs are actually in Russian Hands. Overall, the project is still in the design phase, however as it goes, Wargaming will have the exclusive data (and a few copyrights), what will they do with it is unknown.

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