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For the record, this is a different insider than leaked the fake missions for December. So yes, this is legit, I confirmed some parts from several sources.

Here are a few interesting tidbits from the Insider :)

– apparently, Wargaming wants to put the forum reputation into use. To that end, they are considering a list of titles and ranks (like the current “player” under the avatar), from “private” all the way to “general” or something like that. The lowest rank, reserved for players with bad reputation is “donkey” for some reason :) But there are other “titles” as well. Apparently, farming shameful titles will also eventually lead to a ban (SS: logical, as negrep farming often requires breaking forum rules).
– apparently, WoT Generals will get an update soon (SS: but they talked about that months ago already, so who knows)

– some of the developers are sad that Ruinberg on Fire got scrapped, some consider the winter version in 9.5 (“Winterberg”) a bland replacement
– the customer service team (SS: RU server? Unclear) recieved a small poll. It turned out that 90 percent of cases of “the game not working correctly” was due to mundane reasons, such as really bad PC’s and old drivers. There were a couple of cases of people with very expensive PC’s, who have no clue how to operate them. Of the remaining 10 percent, 7 percent were actual game issues and 3 percent of cases were screwups of the customer service, where the employee did it wrong or gave wrong advice
– developers state that in comparison, the other companies’ support service (Bethesda, Blizzard) are more precise and “human”
– developers note about the MMO comparison: “comparing gaming platforms should be abandoned, because MMOs such as Warcraft have a well proven and aging physics engine”
– WG (SS: some time ago, possibly longer time, I heard about this from another source) went as far as to invite players who were having game issues with their PC’s to Minsk to physically come for testing on their respective PC’s. 90 players were issued an invitation, only 4 came (all living in Minsk). Out of these 4 players, 3 had really crappy computers. One hasn’t updated the graphic card drivers in six years. Only one had an actual game issue (the lag between arcade and sniper mode transition), which was fixed ever since. This led the developers to the conclusion that much of the forum rage at “your game is full of bugs” is actually the fault of the players’ PC’s and is just overblown.

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