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Hello everyone,

the Insider returns to react on current events going on in Wargaming.

Some guys from Wargaming RU in Minsk did notice the FTR article about WG EU ignoring the Warpack cheat mod (some of them refer to it as “Warcrack”). They were NOT happy. It will be mentioned during next WG RU – WG EU conversation. There are other problems however, that are scheduled to be discussed between WG RU, WG NA and WG EU:

– apparently, bots advertising scam sites (powerlevelling, “cheap gold”) have become a nuisance, especially on lower tiers
– on WG NA server, there is currently an issue with lowtier battles (tier 1-2), not enough players are playing them and the matchmaker has issues dealing with it. This is caused apparently by the fact that there have been few new players recently and you also get usually 1-3 spammer bots per battle (see above).

Lower tiers are not interested for old players (veterans) according to Wargaming because of the poor reputation the veteran players have, if they play low tiers due to the “rating system” (SS: apparently, WN8 is meant), because they get called “pedobears”, “sealclubbers” and such – and so, it is actually a shame for an experienced player to play on low tiers even though they are actually fun.

Other things that will be discussed are:

– new premium tanks (some planned Soviet heavy, no details)
– new branches (French minibranch, Japanese branch, Chinese artillery)
– new trees (Czechoslovak tree). Devs also want some Brazilian vehicle (unclear which) as a premium tank in the US tree
– World of Warplanes total overhaul, WG apparently hired a brand new team to completely change the game and bring it from the dead
– World of Warships (the content of this topic is unknown)
– World of Tanks for Xbox (some graphic overhauls, not sure)

And one more thing. The situation with the Super Pershing is unclear, but IF it got really nerfed (something about the frontal armor plates being strange), it is not intentional and will be fixed.

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