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The “Invite a Friend”

During his participation in the game, each of us has gone through a lot of fights on the battlefields of World of Tanks. Do not just get a taste of victory and the bitterness of defeat, this tanker as no one else knows how important support in battle comrades. Concerted action played a platoon often have a decisive influence on the outcome of the battle. The new program “Invite A Friend” will help you not only to find companions to play together, but also provide valuable reward.

The principle of operation of the program

All active players that meet the requirements, you will be able to invite friends to the game that were not previously played in the World of Tanks or send agenda old comrades, who took a pause in the fighting.

Send the agenda can be from Personal Cabinet on the game site. Initially, each recruiter can send potential recruits or reservists to 5 invitations. Potential recruits or reservist may receive no more than 10 invitations, then send him an invitation will be impossible.

New invitations will be available to the recruiter if one of the following conditions:

  • Invited recruit or reservist played 10 fights.
  • has accepted an invitation to another recruiter.
  • invitation was not accepted for 7 days.

One recruiter can be a maximum of 50 recruits or reservists. Players whose accounts are blocked, do not participate in the program.

system of bonuses and incentives

Recruiter Award for participation in the program – a unique medium tank T95E2 and fully trained crew. The tank will be credited with an additional slot, and all tankers will be settled in the barracks with their own (additional) beds. In addition, each member of the crew will experience a certain amount of free enough to explore two skills or abilities.

In order to receive this promotional tank and crew, you must type in the total common fund 1,000,000 experience points.

Experience earned all recruits and reservists, enters into the general treasury recruiter ( experience gained directly recruiter in the overall standings is not) under the following conditions:

  • playing together in the platoon recruiter and invited players;
  • victory in battle;
  • getting into the top 10 of his team’s experience.

Note: To earn the invited players experience went into Ladder, get into the top-10 team’s experience is necessary and recruiter, and a visiting them players in a platoon. If the top-10 hit recruiter and one of the guests in the standings will go experience earned themselves in the top 10 delegates. If the recruiter does not get in the top 10, the experience of a guest in the standings does not go, regardless of the outcome. Additional experience for the performance of third-party combat missions does not fall into the general treasury.

Statistics for the invited players available as in the Dashboard and in the interface of the game.

As an additional promotion of the program participants will have increased recruiting experience.

Playing in the platoon with the invited players, the recruiter can significantly increase the amount of experience gained from the fight. When calculating the experience at the end of the battle for the recruiter multipliers experience recruits or reservists are summarized.

For example, if the recruiter is playing in a platoon with the invited players, within 24 hours after the first battle experience factor for the recruiter will be x5!

As a result of combat experience, earn a recruiter, increased by the amount of experience modifiers invited players. The formula for calculating the modifier experience at the end of the battle for the recruiter:

Xp ‘= Xp + Xp & times; (Mod1 & minus; 1) + Xp & times; (Mod2 & minus; 1), where:

Mod1, Mod2 – sovzvodnyh modifiers; Xp – experience a recruiter at the end of the battle (including premium account and other bonuses, but excluding third-party combat missions).

Recruiter can also get a reward T95E2 tank without a crew, if one of them invited newcomers to the game ( recruits) acquire any equipment X level. Getting the tank does not affect the receipt of bonuses from the total replenishment coin box experience. However, note that in this case, to achieve the maximum 1 000 000 experience points recruiter will receive only the missing crew members – the tank commander.

If the machine X level buy not recruit (new to the game), a reservist, gift tank recruiter is not given.

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