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Finally! The French tech tree continues blooming and branching out in Update 4.2. A gang of agile light tanks, led by the incomparable Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, rushes into the game. They have already lined up and are waiting for you to take control. Get to it, Commander!

Slow-Paced Tier II–IV Tanks

They belong to light and medium tanks in name only. In speed and armor, the low-tier French vehicles are closer to heavies.

Tier II: Renault R35
It’s in no hurry. Its front, hull sides, and entire turret are protected by 40-mm armor, but there are a lot of vertical parts in its design that can be easily penetrated. Do not hesitate to use angling to deflect enemy shots. You can arm your tank with the “classic” gun or use the “six-shooter”. Tier III: AMX 38
Rather slow as well. However, among all Tier III opponents, only tank destroyers can penetrate the AMX 38. Simple guns will hardly deal any damage to this tank, so light tanks would do well to look for a “softer” target. The weak part of the AMX 38 is its gun mantlet, but you’ll have to get close to take aim at it. This French guy is well-armed: its gun boasts penetration of 62 mm, damage of 60 HP, and a 3.4-second reload time without equipment and provisions.

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Tier IV: AMX 40
A.k.a the “duck” or “inflatable tank”. Just look at these round and smooth forms! But its odd appearance is deceptive: the AMX 40 is perfectly protected. Enemy shells will bounce off its thick armor. Don’t forget about angling and protecting your lower glacis plate. Thick armor compensates for the lack of speed and a weak gun. The gun reload time is 10 seconds, penetration — 74 mm, however, its damage is good — 160 HP. Daring Scouts of Tiers V–VIII

Starting from Tier V, the gameplay changes drastically: thick armor and slow movement become history and French tanks lose the weight and get rid of everything unnecessary. Minimal weight, minimal armor, maximum speed and firepower!

amx elc bis amx 12 t blitz wot

Tier V: AMX ELC bis
Meet the “fir tree”. A small tank with a powerful gun boasting 120 mm of penetration, 160 HP of damage, and 7 shots per minute. But its turret rotation angle is limited to 35 degrees in both directions. It resembles a very fast tank destroyer. There is no armor (there won’t be any on the following tiers either), and ramming can cause much greater damage than an enemy gun. But the ELC AMX features perfect dynamics: with a specific power of 36 hp/t, it can guarantee 65 km/h under almost any conditions! Tier VI: AMX 12t
The drummers‘ adventure begins! The AMX 12t cannot boast the same dynamics as the “fir tree”, but it features a full-fledged turret and a three-shell drum autoloader. Its top gun deals 480 HP of damage every 4 seconds, and the autoloader takes a little longer than 15 seconds to reload. The penetration of 144 mm is enough for most targets, and you can always aim at the sides and hull when attacking heavily armored vehicles.

amx 13 75 13 90 world of tanks blitz

Tier VII: AMX 13 75
This tank has worse dynamics than the previous one but it boasts an improved version of the same gun: the reload time for one shell was decreased to 1.33 seconds, and the reload time of the magazine — to 11.26 seconds. It will take less than three seconds to fire off all three shells, which perfectly suits hit-and-run tactics! Tier VIII: AMX 13 90
At Tier VIII, the tank gets a more powerful engine and a new gun. Its 90 mm gun is not as quick firing as that of the AMX 13 75, but for a Tier VIII vehicle, its increased damage of 225 HP and penetration of 170 mm are more important. One shell reloads in 2 seconds, and the entire magazine — in 16 seconds. Add its perfect mobility into the mix and… you know what to do! Tiers IX and X: Bat.-Châtillon 25 t brothers

At the top of the branch, there are two vehicles with very similar names. Compared to Tier VIIIs, these vehicles feature much better penetration. Their guns can now hurt heavy tanks.

Let’s consider the technical characteristics of these Tier IX and X tanks in more detail:

At Tier IX, there is the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP featuring two guns of almost equal value. The stock gun holds 4 shells, and the top one — 3 shells. Both guns fire off an entire magazine in 6 seconds, dealing about 900 HP of damage. But the 90 mm gun aims faster, while the 100 mm one has greater penetration and damage per shot. It’s your choice.

bat chat 25 t ap

Here’s the star — the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t! The most dynamic tank at Tier X! Its rival, the Leopard 1, has the same speed, however, with its specific power, this French tank leaves the “cat” in the dust.

It’s not all fun and games, this speedster is totally vulnerable to ramming and HE shells. You can easily lose 1,200 HP upon bumping into an E 100, so be careful when driving the “Batmobile”. However, the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t is indispensable when it comes to flanking and rear attacks, capturing distant bases and key elevations.

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t world of tanks blitz

The new tank belongs to those rare Tier Xs that require the main gun to be researched. You will start with a gun that was the top one for the previous tank, and then the 105 mm gun will require 45,000 XP more.

Considering its role in battle, the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t has few differences from the other light tanks in its branch. Choose your victim: a vehicle engaged in a frontal fire exchange or with little HP left will suit perfectly. Run down your victim, fire off the entire magazine, hide for 15 seconds, and then get back to it!

With its high speed, the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t can also become a “crisis manager” — it can quickly arrive at a destination and swing the battle in its favor. And not to mention base capture and rear attacks. Just look at those clumsy tank destroyers, enemy heavy tanks with their vulnerable sides, damaged medium tanks — all this belongs to you, you just need to attack and hide in time.

Legendary Camouflage “Musketeer” for the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

This new gorgeous tank deserves a worthy appearance and name. If you use the potential of the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t to the full, you will manage to travel across the entire map during one battle and help each of your allies — one for all as a true musketeer!

Changes the tank name in battle to B-C 25 t Musketeer +3% to vehicle concealment on maps corresponding to the selected slot Unlock: 2840. Resupply — 0 (for free).

Time to take your Renault FT out of the Garage: you will need several battles to start your journey along the new branch. The Bat.-Châtillon 25 t is a must have for your collection!

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