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The main gauge of Her Majesty – PT-ACS FV4005 Stage II

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In patch 9.5 the game will be added a new branch Tank Destroyers British nation. “Top” machine threads become FV4005 Stage II. In this article we compare the two British Tank Destroyers X level and will discuss their similarities and differences in the combat use.

Characteristic features FV4005 Stage II

Cannon – 183 mm total firepower. Main battery gives an opportunity to put a huge amount of damage to a single almost any opponent.

H ESH-bombs – high armor penetration and a magnificent one-off losses do this car formidable opponent capable to decide the outcome of battle in their favor.

psychological factor – the mere presence of this car on a certain direction maps can straitjacket opponent.

good horizontal viewing pickup – despite the fact that the tower does not rotate 360 ​​& deg ;, angles traverse more than enough.

relatively good mobility allows without too much trouble to change the position, if the development of the battle will require your presence in the other direction.

more comfortable instrument on compared with FV215b (183) – the accuracy and time information allows comfortable to fire at long range.

Weak book tower – 14 millimeters. Bulletproof booking X level seriously affect the survivability of the machine. The main danger is posed by high-explosive shells.

Large size – therefore not the best disguise. At the first fire was lit rivals will focus on you. Therefore, it is carefully choose the position.

The low value of damage per minute – a magnificent one-off loss is compensated by the low rate of fire. Therefore, for effective game should be possible to take responsibility for every shot.

Comparison FV4005 Stage II and FV215b (183)

FV4005 Stage II – an alternative to the existing British Tank Destroyers X level FV215b (183). On both machines have the same tools. However instrument FV4005 Stage II has a more comfortable and accurate performance information that makes this machine a little better adapted to fire from a distance. Also FV4005 Stage II above driving characteristics that make this Tank Destroyers mobile sniper and allow to change the direction of the fight, if circumstances so require.

B 9.5 update some changes expected FV215b (183). In particular, it has been seriously revised book tower – significantly enhanced frontal projection. Thus, the main role FV215b (183) are fighting in the middle and close range as the machine support or deterrence.

This improved performance tools make FV4005 formidable opponent at long distances. Less time information and more precise instrument will enable more confident to hit enemies at a distance, allowing vytselivat vulnerabilities, which is especially important for HESH-bombs due to the peculiarities of the damaging effect.


The main distinguishing feature FV4005 Stage II – gun 183 mm L4. A one-time loss compared with rates of top ACS. Add to this mobility, armor, precision – and get a formidable opponent. Often enough to identify its presence on the wing to reduce the attacking zeal rivals: the opportunity to get damage by at least 50% of its number of points of strength able to cool the hottest head.

Crew Skills

FV4005 Stage II is designed to do damage. Therefore, the skills of the crew should create favorable conditions for firing. Disguise because of the enormous size and caliber machine guns in the 183 millimeter can be neglected.

special 1 skill 2 skill 3 skill
Commander “The Sixth Sense” “Repair” “Combat Brotherhood”
Gunner “Slight tower” “Repair” “Combat Brotherhood”
The driver “Smooth motion” “Repair” ” Combat Brotherhood “
Charging « & ldquo; Contactless & rdquo; boeukladki “ ” Repair “ ” Combat Brotherhood “
Charging “Desperado” “Repair” “Combat Brotherhood”


Similarly, skills and abilities, a set of additional equipment is aimed solely at the damage caused.

Gun rammer – Reduces the cooldown by 10%. Given the extremely low rate of PT-ACS, this module will be extremely useful.

Improved ventilation – gives the total bonus of 5% to the level of ownership of the main skills and additional skills all members of the crew.

Heavy Duty pickup drives – increase the rate of information by 10%. This bonus will significantly reduce the time of impact.

tactical role on the battlefield

Sniper – the most obvious role for this PT-ACS. Thin book tower greatly limits the possibility of using the machine. Your selection – the third line of battle, namely ambushes, sniper support Allied attack from a distance of more than 400 meters. Outcome of the battle is largely decides the correct positioning and continuous monitoring of the situation on the mini-map. Never forget about the need to hide or change the position after the shot – use cover, the terrain and bushes. Remember to destroy the enemy’s heavy tank with one shot and get away from the whole fire – priceless.

Support – help groups allied attackers on medium-long range. This can be dangerous, but sometimes the only correct tactics for FV4005 Stage II. If you can not support an attack from a distance of more than 450 meters, the fight should be carried out very carefully, constantly monitoring the actions of competitors. Do not forget that because of the impressive damage a single exchange of shots will always be beneficial for you.


Although the main thing in common, namely the 183-mm gun, two “top” British PT-ACS vary widely in use. FV4005 Stage II most clearly is a machine to damage from long range. Edakogo sniper rifle with a large-caliber, whose main task – to cause significant damage from a distance, keeping the attacking group or stopping the opponent on the distant approaches to the base.

New features and changes in version 9.5 will allow players to choose the most suitable for British themselves PT-ACS.

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