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The March of Samurai
2015-12-08 18:00:00 / News

With the arrival of the all-new Japanese line in Update 2.4, we’re welcoming these new tanks with a special event! The March of the Samurai is a week-long regional competition that will reward you with five days of Premium time and a Garage slot—but it requires the teamwork of the whole region!

Over the course of the week, players in North America will have to combine their efforts to participate in a total of 400,000 battles! If we’re able to accomplish that, everyone who qualifies will receive the Premium time and Garage slot. If we don’t make the goal, then no prizes will be given out. We’re also offering a special mission for the duration of the event that rewards you with extra XP!

There’s a few rules you should know before jumping into battle, so pay attention. First, you’ll have to use a Japanese tank from the new line, tiers V – X. This means only battles played in the Type 3 Chi Nu, Chi To, Chi Ri, STA-1, Type 61 and STB-1 will be elligible! Secondly, in order to qualiify for the reward, you’ll have to play at least 25 battles. These 25 battles can be spread out among any of the tanks listed above, and the more you play, the better our chances of winning!

Be sure and visit our website to track our progress! March of Samurai Begins Tuesday, December 8
March of Samurai Ends Wednesday, December 16 Prize 5 Days of Premium time, 1 Garage slot Rules Players must participate in 25 battles (win or lose) to qualify for the prize. Prizes will only be awarded if the goal of 400,000 battles is reached before the end time listed above. Only battles played in the Type 3 Chi Nu, Chi To, Chi Ri, STA-1, Type 61 and STB-1 count towards the goal. Special Mission

Win a battle while damaging at least two enemy vehicles.

Reward: 400 XP

Limit five times per day Must use a “March of Samurai” eligible tank (listed above).  New Year’s Hangar

Keep your eyes for special New Year’s decorations appearing soon in your Garage!

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