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The monster has broken loose again!
2017-10-30 10:00:00 / Premium Shop
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He is alive, despite all laws of the universe saying it is impossible. The mechanism once launched by a mad scientist will never stop. Merciless, always hungry, and burning with revenge, Tankenstein has gone hunting, and only you can cease the cold fury of this beast!

Tankenstein is a Tier VII heavy tank assembled from the parts of other vehicles. It is every engineer’s nightmare. It is impossible to understand how such a monster could even exist! But everyone who succeeds in taming the beast will be rewarded with two powerful guns to choose between, strong armor, and increased profitability.

Available through 5 November 2:00 (PT), 5:00 (ET):

The Tankenstein bundle

 Tankenstein;  one Garage slot; 1,000.

The bundle cost: 39,99 $*.

* The price of the specified bundles may vary depending on regional settings and other parameters of your device.

Tankenstein Screenshots and Characteristics

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