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Новый китайский экспортный танк
Ni Hao, my dear! [1999007 ] Chinese corporation Norinco revealed some details about the new main battle tank VT-4, the proposed export. This is a new version of the tank, previously referred to as the MBT-3000. The basic version enhanced machine is different composite armor front of the chassis and side curtain, also made of a composite material.

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Shutters protecting chassis equipped with regular fixtures for dynamic protection. An enhanced version of VT-4 also received remote-controlled turret with a machine gun 12.7 mm. It is designed to destroy ground and low-flying air targets. Control the turret can only commander. Optional on VT-4 can be set active protection GL-5.

The tank is equipped with a smooth-bore gun with a caliber of 125 mm with an ejector several off-center closer to the exit of the barrel. Heat-insulating housing has no trunk. The weapon itself is staffed by an autoloader horizontal type with a consistent supply of the projectile and propellant charge. According to the Norinco, the machine has an all-digital fire control system.
Новый китайский экспортный танк

Новый китайский экспортный танк

[1999031 ]

Новый китайский экспортный танк

Новый китайский экспортный танк

In the Chinese corporation announced that the new VT-4 is the most powerful of all the tanks offered by China for export. The first version of VT-4 was introduced in June 2012 in Paris at the exhibition of arms and military equipment Eurosatory. In addition to this tank, Norinco also offers export main battle tanks VT2 and others.

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