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Version 9.9 to display statistics players fighting on the Global Map will occur significant changes. In particular, it will be possible to assess the effectiveness and performance of players in separate battles on the Global Map. At the same time statistics on fighting global map will not be mixed with random battles.

Now more.

  1. Battles, carried out on the Global map will no longer be taken into account in the overall account statistics with random battles and company format.
  2. The game client will be available for a separate tab for statistics battles on the Global Map – Similar to other regimes.
  3. will be available in both summary statistics and by fighting for a separate VI, VIII and X of the art.
  4. All battles on the Global Map, conducted after 9.9 will not be taken into account in a new tab.
  5. [1,999,023] All battles conducted by the Global map to version 9.9 will not be migrated to the new tab battles on the Global Map of the following principle:

    • fights on the technique level of IX and X – X section in the prior art;
    • fights on the technique VII and VIII level – in Section VIII of the art;
    • fights on the technique VI level and below – in section VI of the prior art.

Battles, conducted before the release of the update 9.9 will not be removed from the general statistics in order to avoid data discrepancies player profile before and after the change.

Migration data on fights will take several days, during which some players may not be displayed correctly statistics.

Battles, conducted from May 2012 to release 9.9 upgrade will be taken. Battles played until May 2012, a new tab will be disregarded.



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