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Hello everyone,

okay, here’s an interesting thing. As you probably know, I do generally not revel in or promote anything, that involves the word “unicum”, because it usually is not useful for all the viewers and this blog is for everybody, not just top 0,1 percent of players. However, this is an exception.

Player Taugrim created an interesting series of videos, called “Road to Unicum”. He is a skilled player, but that’s not the most important thing here. What is important is that in them, as he plays, he explains what exactly is he doing and why with his calm voice.

It’s not a guide for TOTAL newbies, you are expected to understand at least the basics, but I still find it pleasant to watch and generally easy to understand. The series is ongoing and it already has 11 parts – this is the first one:


If you like it, the rest of the series can be found under the following on the following playlist – when you have time, check them out as well. If the feedback is good (so far, the video rating shows very positive feedback), I will keep on adding more parts in the future.

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