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Dear players!

As part of the general test is now available special client version of World of Tanks 0.9.5_test2, which is only for games on the test server.

What’s new in version 0.9.5?

    Personal combat missions – new jobs, for the performance of which players will be able to receive various awards up to unique high-level tanks. The main differences from existing combat missions – not fixed execution and the ability to choose what kind of task to perform.
  1. New British equipment: tanks and PT-ACS. *
  2. Three new maps: “Mittengard”, ” Lost City “,” Winter Ruinberg “

To become a member of testing, you must:

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General information about testing updates 0.9.5_test2:

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Please note some features of the test server:

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The list of topics on the forum to discuss

List of changes in the test version 0.9.5_test2 compared with the version 0.9.5_test1

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