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A second general test of the new physics of motion

tank commander!

As part of the general test became available a special client World of Tanks with the new physics of motion tanks (second version) , which is only for games on the test server.

In patch 9.7 the new physics of motion will not.

New physics – this new server computing, which will make the behavior of equipment in the game (movement, interaction with other tanks and objects on the map) more realistic and varied. With the introduction of new physics in the game will be carried out calculations of the physical model of the tank, his gearbox, motor inertia, and more.

The main features of the new physics of motion

  • Turns become smoother.
  • to increase control over the turning radius – it will be easier to tighten on the required number of degrees.
Interaction tanks in a collision
Work suspension
  • Suspension will be slight unevenness of the landscape (the fovea, rails, curbs) without any loss in speed.
  • On landing, with uniform distribution of the load on both the track and at a sufficient speed tanks can jump ditches, potholes, and so on. d.
  • When braking slightly increase declination angle guns – at the expense of small inclination of the body due to the operation of the suspension.
Improved handling of the tank in motion
New maneuvers tanks using
  • When you dial the required speed reversal using the handbrake will lead to a sharp change in the trajectory of motion (“police turn”).
  • whipsawed in the reverse – using the handbrake at a turn back turn rate significantly increase.
  • The ability to control the radius cornering – the use of the handbrake will quickly enter into the rotation.
  • It will be possible to turn the enemy tank in a collision, if certain conditions are met (the mass difference, sufficient power tank, traction, and so on. d.).
  • displays the probability of experiencing an enemy tank with a vertical surface (bridge, mountains and so on. d.) with its inversion.
with the surface
  • The difference in the behavior of different types of tanks on the ground will be felt much more clearly.
  • displays graphical effect “slip”.
Other changes
  • change the feel and weight of the tank “tank” behavior.
  • will be implemented in the race avoidable visual objects on the map.

In the second test for players will be available 10 gaming locations and 5 tanks.

Maps Technology


“Pearl River”







“El Halluf”


T1 Cunningham



AMX 13 90

AMX 50 100

Some features of the general test of the new physics:

  • Properties of all modules and skills that influence the physics in the normal version on the general test disabled (“Virtuoso”, “King of off-road”, better ventilation, additional lugs, and so on. n.).
  • T-54 and T-62A transferred to the 11th level of fighting and do not intersect with other tanks.
  • The logic of the damaged engine is turned off. In the “yellow” state of the engine is considered a whole.

List of changes of the second general test

  • In order to test the physics under extreme conditions significantly increased dynamic performance and durability tank T1.
  • Reduced inertia tank during braking:
    • Fixed long braking distances.
    • Maneuver “Swing” (quick exit from the shelter and then back entrance) became more controlled and precise.
    • Maneuvering during peredvezheniya become more manageable and dynamic.
    • Reduced braking distances after a reset of the gas.

How to take part in testing

    Download special installer (4.5 MB).
  • Run the installer that will download and install a test version of the client (2.2 GB). When you run the installer, it automatically prompts you to install the test client to a folder on your computer; also you will be able to specify the installation directory.
  • to launch the test version.
  • Take part in the overall test can only players who have signed up in World of Tanks to 23:59 ( MSC) February 12, 2015.
  • General Test will last approximately until March 9 – stay tuned.
  • Due to the large the number of players on the test server is limited to the input of users. All new players wishing to take part in beta testing, will be placed in the waiting queue and will be able to access the server as it is released.
  • If the user changed the password after 23:59 (Moscow time) February 12, 2015, authorization the test server will be available only with a password that was used prior to that time.
  • Payments on the test server will be done.
  • Each player is charged at the same time 20000 100 million free experience 100 000 000 .
  • In this test does not increase earnings experience and credits.
  • Achievements on the test server not pass on the primary server.

Also, please be advised that during testing will be carried out routine technical work: 7:00 (GMT) on a daily basis. The average duration of work – 25 minutes.

  • On the test server is subject to the same rules that apply to the main game, and hence are penalties for violation of these rules in accordance with User Agreement .
  • Customer Support Center will not consider applications relating to the general test.
  • Reminder: download the client World of Tanks, as well as its test version and updates only reliable special section on the official website of the game. Downloading the game from other sources, you are putting your computer at risk of infection by malware. The development team is not responsible for links to the game client and update (as well as their contents) on third-party resources.

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