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From 6 to 9 March 2015 took place the second general test of the new physics, in during which everyone could afford to experience all the wonders tank balancing act – drifts, flips, somersaults and other triple toe loop. We could not ignore this event, a little ride on the test server, and made some interesting observations.

What’s new in the test?

The first general test of the new physics has shown that in this way to introduce it to the game can not take into account the wishes of the players, developers, and for the second iteration of the test produced a few changes. Firstly, the inertia of tanks was reduced, which proved to improvement of controllability during driving and reducing the braking distance. Also, by reducing the inertia promised improvement of committing a series of maneuvers in the first place – “swing”, which on the first test run was extremely difficult.

For the second test was prepared five cars that players can ride on the American light tank T1, on Soviet medium tank T-54 and T-62A, the French light tank AMX 13 90 and also French heavy tank AMX 50 100. Neither ACS, nor PT-ACS at this time was not. As for the maps, they were prepared for the test ten pieces – “Westfield”, “Pearl River”, “robin”, “The Monastery”, “Prokhorovka”, “Mines”, “cliff”, “Himmelsdorf”, “El Halluf “and” N-sk. “

There have also been some changes, which, on the one hand, allowed a full test fast and maneuverable tanks in the new physics, and on the other – to get a lot of pleasure in unusual circumstances. In particular, the machine T-54 and T-62A did not get into fights with other machines also do not overlap with other machines “French” and T1. Only in rare cases, the Soviet command CT diluted platoons of French radiotherapy.

However, the most noticeable change underwent T1 – specifically for the test, he received an unprecedented dynamics (could accelerate to 90 km / h!) And increased to 5000 HP strength. This will allow players to call the place where no one had gone before all the caterpillar tank, make the most fantastic maneuvers and do not be afraid to die an accidental fall. But this is described in more detail below.

Otherwise, everything remains the same – coups, drift, sharp turns, etc.

T1 just for fun

Before talking about his impressions of the new physics, it should stop at T1, because the tank was set up, as they say, for fun – especially for entertainment and test all the features of this very new physics. On the example of T1, we could see the exaggerated features of the new physics, feel a whole new world that is characteristic of fantastic games, but not for the tanks.

And we can safely say that the experiment was a success.

T1 turned into a torpedo that flies around the map, despising gravity, climbs the steep mountains, water obstacles, you done inside the destroyed houses, soars on high ground and never stops. Because just take to stop this tank is impossible!

It is interesting to note that the strength of the tank was increased, but the strength of its modules remained unchanged, slightly spoils the picture. Only a few tanks were killed by bullets opponents – often T1 destroyed by fires and explosions BC, while others preferred to do and destroy the tank by jumping off a mountain or turned over on its side or on the roof. And greatly hindered the game constantly shoot down the tracks, but on the other hand, it is possible to see, understand and feel the behavior of immobilized tank.

In general, experiment with T1 was very successful, he brought a lot of fun to players . But to consider all sides new physics, it was necessary to go to other tanks, which we did.

General impressions of the new physics

The first thing you see immediately note – increased inertia tanks. This translates into a sustained acceleration and maneuverability when driving impaired. In the first test, it felt stronger, now the situation has become better, but all the tanks, especially the T-62A and AMX 50 100, broken up and maneuvered like a jelly. Not a very pleasant feeling, but in future tests is likely to be fixed.

But it’s not as bad as it might seem. New physics gives the possibility to realize previously impossible maneuvers – whipsawed in place, the so-called “police turn”, drift, etc. Pressing the brake (spacebar) and simultaneously turn the key, you can very quickly turn or turn on the spot (all depends on the speed), but in the case of stopping acceleration will be poor again.

Also, thanks to the new physics the opportunity to overcome various obstacles without getting stuck on the bumps, and climb mountains and on the rocks. Now, the average, and even heavy tank can climb on the ruins of houses on “Himmelsdorfe”, enter the boulder on the “Pearl River” or “Mine”, and climb up the steep mountainside to the “Robin”! So that the tanks with the new physics have new opportunities, and even some “vertical freedom.” Yes, the tanks have not learned to fly, but they can climb to heights that were previously completely inaccessible. On the one hand, it opens up new opportunities, but on the other – a few breaks gameplay, as discussed later.

Finally, the new physics – a new level of interaction with each other tanks. If before the tanks could only ram each other, and race one tank to another were rare exceptions (which always resulted in the loss of HP and even to destruction), now has more options for interaction. Now, when one or both ram tank can roll over on its side or on the roof, the car can move through each other (but the developers deliberately removed the possibility of low-fare tank under high), in a frontal collision, they can stand in a buck and also roll over, etc. .

On the one hand, it enriches the gameplay and gives new tactics, and on the other – increases the likelihood of accidental collision with coups and hills allies when a large gathering in a small area. Very often it happens on the test in the first few seconds after the start of the battle, at the junction to spawn – many T1 killed by collisions with the Allies, and the AMX 13 90 of them did not lag behind.

Features of the new movement of the tank physics

Important in the new physics – is, of course, the nature of the movement of tanks. There are several key points:

  • With the new parameters become tangible movement on the different types of soils;
  • maneuvering capabilities depend on the weight of the tank (ie – from its inertia)
  • When you start from a place sags noticeably stern tank, raising the nose;
  • When braking sharply tank “nodding”;
  • When cornering tank noticeably heels at some point even separation can occur inside the caterpillar from the ground;
  • In the management of the tank now plays an important role brake (spacebar).

This often leads to unexpected consequences – the tank enters on turns, sometimes he even slips sideways. Also there is a likelihood of overturning when cornering, especially when overclocking dial with slide – in this case, while pressing the brake and turn the key (and release the forward movement) tank can tip over on its side, do one or more revolutions.



But, as the developers say, in the future probability of overturning when cornering will be sharply reduced, as it seriously breaks the gameplay. Although the likelihood of tipping when tire drift or turns sharply tank rock or other obstacle remains – this is done for the sake of realism.

New physics changed and opportunities by turning the tank. So, if you go ahead and rollover turn, the tank will turn quite slowly, reluctantly, to a large radius. If you release the button and press the W key one turn, the tank will stop soon and quickly turn in a small radius. And if you press on the brake, then turn will be very fast, almost on the spot. Turning radius is strongly dependent on the weight of the tank, which is consistent with reality: light tanks turn quickly and willingly, and more severe slow.

Interestingly, the possibility of maneuvering, albeit limited, remains even when knocked caterpillar. This is especially felt in the T1 – got off track when rolling on the inertia of the tank can be turned, but after a full stop tank ceased to respond to the key. As the developers say, the ability to maneuver at the surviving caterpillar has been removed deliberately, as this would radically alter the gameplay. So it turns on one track we can not see.

New physics and gameplay

The new physics in the form that is presented to the test, making some serious changes in the gameplay, many of these changes are negative.

Especially breaks gameplay tank movement during acceleration, braking and cornering. For example, if while driving on a light tank go fast in sniper mode, you can simply get lost in space – and the sight of the whole picture jumps, as a result of slips orientation and perception of the environment.

But worst of all things with aiming, especially in “French”. If you stand in place and fully wound up, then move beware – at the start and braking tank initially leaned back, then forward, and the sight completely knock! Now this effect in the game is, but it is not as strong as on the test.

On the other hand, the new physics gives some bonus tanks with bad angles of declination guns (hello Chinese and Soviet tanks!). If this tank slightly accelerate and slow down dramatically, it “bite the nose”, and together with it for a moment and lowered his gun. Of course, realize it will be difficult, but in the past in many situations in tanks with poor UVN did not have any way out. So suffering T-34-3 will show itself in the new physics with unexpected for the enemy side.

play a role coups and tipping tanks. It is now possible to destroy the enemy not only shot and ram, but a coup or skidyvaniem a hill. However, here too there is a feature. When the coup and a full stop tank starts reverse a 30-second countdown, during which you can not shoot (here a complete analogy with drowning), and at the end of the reference tank explodes. If at this time with an inverted tank will face another tank, the countdown stops and resumes again with 30 seconds. Well, if the tank is again placed on the tracks, he will continue to fight.

Finally, a major change in gameplay will make the same “vertical freedom”, which we briefly mentioned above. Now on the cards, even “in-line”, there will be places that are guaranteed to protect against the unexpected appearance of the enemy. Tanks can climb into the mountains and the rocks, overcome insurmountable obstacles today, and suddenly appearing in the most unexpected places.

For example, on a test one of the busiest points on the map, “The Rock” was a mountain with a lighthouse – are going to the highest part of both teams, and the fighting was going on at all “tiers” mountains! Because the tanks could not just climb the mountain, but more or less confidently move between its “tiers” and even safe to drive on the slopes. And on the cards “Mines” and “robin” in the fighting were involved mountains that no one before had ever climbed.

As the developers say, the spot on the maps will rebalance, and “crow’s nest” in the future will.

Preliminary findings on new physics

We are well aware that the new physics is still very “raw” and is being tested, but already seen it pros and cons. We are confident that the cons will be eliminated in the pros will be more, especially with the introduction of the new physics do not hurry – the developers claim that it will be implemented no earlier than five or more patches. Indeed, it is better not to hurry and bring everything to mind.

The feel of the new physics – only the most positive. To her pretty quickly get used to, and after only a dozen or two fights there is a feeling of the tank, an understanding of how best to maneuver and literacy, and how you can harness the power of new physics in the game. Some help and tips here have exhibited on the splash screen before the battle.

to better understand the new physics on this test can be using the T-54.

We think that it is in this machine parameters have been set up optimally, and she showed all the advantages of the new physics. The remaining tanks were more complex and less interesting (except T1, of course), but the experience of playing on them was very useful for understanding the features of the new physics.

So what are waiting for the next general test of the new physics, and we hope that developers will again show players something interesting.

Review prepared by Anton Malyutin

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