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The Sentinel AC 1 is Back
2016-03-22 18:00:00 / Premium Shop

Oh, what a lovely day. The Australian-made Sentinel AC 1 is available again for purchase! The Sentinel AC 1 is a tier IV medium tank cruiser, perfect for ruling the roads, the desert wastes, and everything in between.

Wargaming is proudly sponsoring the restoration of a Sentinel AC 1 at the Australian Armor & Artillery Museum, in Cairns. For more information, video and photos, click here!

Begins March 23, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET
Ends April 1, 02:00 PT / 05:00 ET

Sentinel AC 1 Bundle – $11.99 Sentinel AC 11 Garage Slot FREE 1,250 7 Days of Premium Time


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