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Модуль статистики клана WoT
Hi guys!
My longtime good friend Edd, author and creator of the website wot-news.com presented a new release 3.1.1 Adjustment module statistics for clans WoT.
Модуль статистики клана WoT
module – this is the best and fully automated collection and analysis of statistics clan players in the popular MMO game “World of Tanks” .

The module comes pre-create a bookmark, but you can add new, written by you, or find [ 1999019] in our .

Brief features of the module

– Download the list of Members using a public API statistics
– The flexible structure of the module allows you to easily disable the basic interface and use another
– Ability to use the module for RU, EU and US-server
– Two possible languages ​​- Russian and English
– Collection of statistics of players and cache it on local host
– Ability to collect data from players at regular intervals and store the data in MySQL
– Admin panel to control module
– Restrict access to bookmarks
– Ability to use module for collecting statistics on several clans
– Semi-automatic installation
– Verification of conformity and your public version
– Work offline in the absence of links to official statistics server
– Basic interface

Description patchnouta module


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