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The second stage of the third campaign, which bore the name “Verdun grinder,” his summed up the . While men are preparing technique X level third stage , which began on 12 December, we present you a selection of fights have ended the second.

Video comment TheDRZJ and head of the clan RAGOO Breadloaf .

Happy viewing and good luck on the battlefield !


Map “Steppe”.

A little-known clan RAYON against the second clan community “Tankomaniya.” RAYON group of light tanks to maneuver around the map, in turn destroying a group of machines “Tankomaniya.” Speed, maneuver and firepower AMX 13 90 leave no chance of two groups of tanks on different flanks, and then – a decisive blow.


Map “El Halluf.”

LAIR out to fight incomplete composition in 12 people. Maneuvering on the map, LAIR is always in the right place at the right time, creating a local advantage. And, taking advantage of the division of powers TOMAH, are winning a landslide victory.

CRABR vs _W-G_

Map “Pass”.

“Crabs” aggressively attack the bridge, sending a group of 13 AMX 90 through the glacier. “The White Guard” keeps attacking the group on the bridge, and even briefly gets outnumbered in 4 tanks. However, the right tactical decisions commander “Crab” reduced the gap and achieve victory over the more eminent opponent.

-TM – vs HPC

Map “Airfield”.

The battle begins with a careful reconnaissance and artillery probing the bushes in search of intelligence. Both sides are waiting, waiting for the mistakes of the enemy. “Civilians” go on the attack, linking the main battle force “Mafia”. And at the same time a group of light tanks HPC begins to capture the enemy base. However, the successful realignment and firing artillery leaves “Civilians” chance.

If you have written an interesting and beautiful replay in the third campaign, then you have a chance to see him in the next release “strategy for victory.”

To download this file with a record of the battle on the website wotreplays.ru and send a link to this replay and a description of the battle (where, when, with whom and what this remarkable battle) to the address strategy_for_victory@wargaming.net . Perhaps this is your fight will get in the next issue!

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