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On the night of December 20 will be the last battles of the third stage of the campaign Third, and most will soon become known clans winners and all holders prize tanks . And now we present to you a selection of fights third campaign already on X art!

Video comment TheDRZJ and the head of the clan RAGOO Breadloaf . Happy viewing and good luck on the battlefield!


Map “Steppe”.

“Coyotes”, being one of the strongest clans Asian primetime, made a bet on the traditional medium tanks, so popular in the vast map “Steppe”. “Rush-Baikal” is built on a solid armor heavy tanks. Armor, firepower and successfully resist the onslaught of rolling stock “coyotes.” However, the “Coyotes” for unknown reasons did not use the mobility of medium tanks, took up defensive positions on the base, for which he paid.


Map “Severogorsk.”

This fight illustrates the saying “haste makes waste.” “Tankomaniya” in search of fame points attempts to capture the heart of Siberia – auriferous Peace and relies on risky lightning “rush” all the forces on the left flank. And if the first Europeans to stray everything went relatively well, further prepared defense RS_DV methodically destroying tanks T_MAH.


Map “Karelia”.

Start a fight traditionally: K0MCA go into the gorge, LIGRS take up defensive positions on the base and go on the attack through the plateau the base, linking the main combat forces in the gorge. But, despite the fact that LIGRS stand to capture, K0MCA time to return to base and solve all the problems.


Map “El Halluf.”

PA-PA, without the workaround, attacking head-heavy tanks and encounter counter “rush” medium tanks HEAL. Quickly rebuilding a battle plan and tailored to enemy action, PA-PA as a result of rapid contractions in the center of the map achieve advantages in technology and begin to methodically move, occupying key positions and gradually destroying tanks HEAL.


Map “Sandy River”.

“Horde” plays medium tanks, hoping to maneuver and firepower, but runs into “hard” part of RED-A. Justifying its name, 0RDA acts cavalry assaults, superior forces consumes less power and extends to regroup. RED-A, restricting force “Horde” at its base, sending a group of heavy tanks to capture and battle outcome is unpredictable. Nevertheless, the speed and maneuver in this battle is successful armor and firepower.

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