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preparing another compilation of clips and replays of battles on the Global Map and fortified region of the strongest clans RU -Locality. Once again, the best commanders will demonstrate the unique tactical techniques. Video comment TheDRZJ and head of the clan RAGOO Breadloaf .

Happy viewing and good luck on the battlefield !

-B- vs KAHEC

Map “Ruinberg.”

Both teams rely on attack through the “green”, and was a surprise for KAHEC large group of PT-ACS: -B – managed to quietly hold them in the line of fire and cover KAHEC crossfire. The result – a crushing defeat one of the most powerful clans of the Global Map.

Download replay or watch right now:


Map “Sandy River”.

The teams from a large number of medium tanks provoke “a cheerful Tank rubilovo.” CHBTL aggressively maneuver the main grouping of CT, controlling most of the cards. ZVBR go on the attack, but the tensile force, which is used by CHBTL.

Download replay or watch right now:


Map “Slough”.

clan gathered in its ranks the most famous kibersportsmenov and vododelov against the young but ambitious clan global map. “Dobermans” completely leaves the bottom of the card, aggressively attacking through the upper bridge, where it meets the main forces of the “feed”. Short but fierce battle shows that the number of subscribers on YouTube will not replace the command coherence.

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Map “Pass” .

The fighting takes place in the center of the map. At the same time the hot battle going on as the “arc”, and the “water” and long time no team can win a decisive advantage. As a result, do not have time to stop HIVE churning capture, BC win time and successfully capture the base.

Download replay or watch right now:


Map ” Live Oaks. “

GEN-X play carefully, making a bet on the town. T_MAH same province protect and hold tight defense in the area of ​​the base. They just do not give the enemy to win to keep their possessions. But passive defense – not the best way to win. GEN-X methodically obkladyvayut defensive positions and resolutely go on the attack from both sides, destroying tanks T_MAH one after the other.

Download replay or watch right now:

If you have recorded an interesting and beautiful replay the battle on the Global map or battle for the fortified area, then you have a chance to see him in the next release “strategy for victory.”

To do this, download the file with a record of the battle on the website wotreplays.ru and send a link to this replay and a description of the battle (where, when, with whom, and in that remarkable battle) to the address strategy_for_victory@wargaming.net . Perhaps this is your fight will get in the next issue!

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