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The third campaign continues! Today we offer you a selection of the second phase of the fighting “Verdun grinder.” In the battle went appliances VIII level, familiar to team fights and championship division mouth and fortified areas.

Video comment TheDRZJ and the head of the clan RAGOO Breadloaf .

Happy viewing and good luck on the battlefield!


Map “Pass”.

Fight the winner of the first stage of the Third Campaign, ranked first on Walk of Fame clans against little-known guys on one of the most popular locations global map. Highest Rated counting on an easy victory and rapidly attacked. But, as it turned out, not all “Rashi” are equally useful, and relax in a battle with any enemy is very dangerous.

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Map “Sandy River”.

uncompromising struggle for “Sandy River”. GAULS relies on a large number of light and medium tanks, STEHA also dilutes the horde AMX 13 90 heavy tanks and artillery. Both teams are maneuvering, trying to find the enemy’s weak spot, but STEHA gets the advantage, having met twice maneuvering group GAULS concentrated fire.

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Map “Ensk.”

BOSKO – the owner of the province, and he does not need to attack, and only need to withstand the onslaught of one of the most powerful clans of the Far East – DRAKO. And so, choosing defensive tactics, BOSKO waiting. DRAKO same dividing the attacking forces did not calculate the time to attack boundaries, allowing instant BOSKO destroy the forces of counter-attacking piecemeal.

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Map “Ruinberg.”

GOW-D takes “green” AM_RA fighters are in the city – all traditional. However, a competent transmission of intelligence and concentration of fire allow GOW-D to destroy enemy tanks with virtual impunity. A great example of tactical superiority commander GOW-D.

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Map “Komarin.”

IROND aggressive play 15 light tanks. The motto of the battle – “All or Nothing”. DAMON chooses a more traditional structure, relying on heavy equipment. We see a “vigorous rubilovo Tank” in the melee, which ended with the teams actually mutual destruction. In the finale – a duel IS-3 and AMX 13 90.

Download replay or watch right now:

If you have recorded an interesting and beautiful replay in the third campaign, then you have a chance to see him in the next release “strategy for victory.”

To do this, download the file with a record of the battle on the website wotreplays.ru and send a link to this replay and a description of the battle (where, when, with whom, and in that remarkable battle) to the address strategy_for_victory@wargaming.net . Perhaps this is your fight will get in the next issue!

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