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Tanks of Victory! Review of “Berlin troika”

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory on the battlefields of World of Tanks appear unusual combat vehicles: IS-2, ISU-122C and T-34-85 «Rudy». IS-2 and ISU-122C have been recreated in full accordance with the historical view of military equipment, which participated in the final stages of the war and the capture of Berlin. A T-34-85 «Rudy» – hero of the film “Four tanker and a dog” – surely the sign of each. You can get a memorable tanks in Premium store from May 7 to June 1. All information about packages and special combat missions is here .

Premium features

IS-2, ISU-122C and T-34-85 «Rudy» are classified as premium technology, and thus offer the following advantages:

  • brings more experience, credits and experience of the crew of each fight.
  • There are “elite” status, that is, do not require a study “top” modules.
  • Allow to carry out a transplant crew with the same type of equipment without charge and retraining.
  • There are the possibility of acceleration of the crew with the first bout.

But the most important thing is that the crew of “Berlin troika” – experienced veterans, long way to Berlin and so they have a number of additional advantages:

  • Level of the main specialty at all tankers of 100%. [1,999,040]
  • [1,999,033] trained to all tankers “Combat Brotherhood”. It can not be reset or re-examine – it is, figuratively speaking, is “zero”.
  • Crew T-34-85 «Rudy» includes dog Sharik. That’s just to teach him martial skills for objective reasons, can not be.

Performance characteristics

Description models

Note: View game models greatly increases the flow of Internet traffic. At low speed connection download can take a long time.


The prototype for this car in the game served as a tank IS-2 in 1944 with a sample spryamlёnnym front hull. This form provides the car a more reliable protection during the shelling of the front projection. The anti-aircraft machine gun on the roof of the tower – standard weapons, it can be seen in many historical photographs. Under the conditions of urban warfare thing extremely useful. Aero tank staff: entrenching tools, tarpaulins, logs for self, rope.

Tactical signs on the tower in the form of walking polar bear was designated belonging to the 7th Guards heavy Tank Brigade, which took part in the storming of Berlin as part of the 8th Guards Army. White stripes on the tower were applied to the head or top of the machine units in the columns for quick identification allies. The crossed white bands on the roofs used to avoid the blows of his aircraft.

Self-propelled installation of MIS-122C is an upgrade of the ISU-122, get along the A-19 gun more quick-D-25S. With the new machine tool of rate reached 6 rounds per minute. Furthermore, as additional weapons self-propelled anti-aircraft gun DSK received.

body kit ISC-122C staff: logs for self, wire, entrenching tools, boxes of spare parts. On the frontal armor felling well marked trail from falling between the mask and gun spotlight. Coloring self-propelled characteristic of the Berlin operation – white stripes on the side and roof of the cabin for fast identification allies.

famous television series “Four tanker and a dog” had a huge popularity in the Soviet Union and Poland. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, during his show yards literally emptied. The final episode was dedicated to fighting for Berlin, which was attended part of the Polish Army.

Tank T-34-85 «Rudy» – an analogue of the Soviet medium tank VI level. However, the model of the tank is different from its prototype, as in the filming of the series used several different machines, produced in post-war Poland. «Rudy» in the World of Tanks – it averaged image of all tanks, shot in the Polish film. Car number, lettering and handprints are also aligned with the cinematic equivalent. The emblem on the tower of the appropriate identification mark 1st Warsaw Tank Brigade of the 1st Polish Army.


[1,999,013] [1,999,013]

[1,999,143] [1,999,145] More information on the Premium Package and combat problems

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