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finished “Race to the Sea” – the first stage of the Third campaign, and it’s time to draw some conclusions.

For 10 days in the first phase of this large-scale event was attended by over 245000 players who are in more than 7000 clans.

Most of the fighters had to make sure that qualify for a unique prize tanks X level is not very difficult, just a few victorious battles on a daily basis. As in the second campaign, the top 30,000 Walk of Fame is full of lots of inexperienced players from lesser-known clans.

However, the strongest clans RU-region fiercely fought not only and not so much for the prize tanks, as for the prestigious place in the clan Walk of Fame . First place in the standings clan make a substantial bonus points Fame fighters clan-winners and the best clans on the results of the campaign will receive a generous reward in gold.

podium at the end of the stage is as follows:

I place image [SPYD] SPYDI_Team – BLACK . The clan was dialed immediately prior to the campaign and collected under the wing of the strongest fighters and commanders. On the last day stage, beating all contenders, this clan has tripled Points glory of all his men.

II place image [ – KOPM] FOOD drags! . This clan gathered strongest players Gold Series, eSports elite tank. Thanks to teamwork, the highest skill and competent management clan took second place in the stage, and Points of Fame of his fighters were doubled.

III place image [HIVE] Bee . Permanent medalist all the events on the Global Map. “Locomotive” Green Alliance, thanks to careful planning and coordination allies regularly wins prizes in all major events of the Global Map. For third place in the first stage of the campaign the number of points of all glory “bees” has been increased by 50%.

Clan image [R-SR] ‘Rising star ‘ , who took fourth place, with the support of the Green Alliance has prepared a video review of the first phase of the Third Campaign.

During the first phase of the third campaign at WotReplays.ru replays a competition with a prize fund of more than 200000 . The competition received more than 18,000 replays, and 150 winners of tomorrow will have significant rewards.

On the outcome of the contest can be found here .

Interview with the winner

In conclusion, we interviewed a representative of the clan – the winner of the first stage. Our guest is the deputy commander of the clan SPYD Axarium .

Introduce yourself.

George, 27, coordinator of the alliance SPYD .

Last time we questioned you as a representative of the clan _EVG_ , who took first place in the event of “Twilight of the Gods” . Now you represent the clan SPYD , the last day of the first phase of the third campaign took first place in the Walk of Fame clans. Earlier this clan was not popular, but in its composition were many well-known and very good players. How is it that so many men gathered in the same clan and what happened to your previous clan?

Indeed most of the players in the clan SPYD – are former participants _EVG_ and TREST . Unfortunately, the last six months in the clan _EVG_ virtually absent from the commander of the clan, not solved many of the technical and administrative matters. As a result, before the campaign we were in a situation where the clan stayed one company under the command of Sakres’a, able to compete for prizes, and a week before the start of the campaign we have exhausted all possible options for attracting good company. But thanks to the commander of the community SPYD we were able to be in the same clan with a company under the leadership of excellent IIomudop_MSK . In Clan SPYD we have an excellent administrative and technical support, it is an active leader who develops a project and actively participates in the life of the three clans, for which separate him thanks! We only need to play and win.

How do you and the clan took the news about the Third campaign? How do you evaluate the first phase of the regulations?

campaign, we were looking forward to, tuned for a month of intense play. Unfortunately, the rules of the first stage brought a lot of trouble, perform basic tasks stage could not guarantee victory in the stage, because of what had to completely change the strategy for the second day. In my opinion, the rules of the 1st stage – one of the worst for all three campaigns. In fact, it came down to the commonplace tamping fights and excluded opposition contenders for victory among themselves.

It is gratifying that Wargaming promptly corrected the regulations before the second stage. I think we’ll see a bright confrontation between contenders for victory in the campaign.

How to develop strategies for winning the stage and why have stopped on selected? What set goals for themselves on the third campaign?

Our strategy is the maximum possible number of fights and victories for game day. Every day we used all 6 stacks of chips on the Global Map, playing in four different prime time. This allowed us to repeatedly perform the task “Reconnaissance” In addition, we are actively seized convoys and made reference to the movement of Bids with a bonus in the form of 100,000 Points of Fame.

The first stage took place on machines VI level. The fighting on the unusual technique for you – what was it? Whether it was possible to use the tried and tested tactics and had to improvise?

Technology VI level is not the most ideal for fighting in the format of 15 to 15, especially on the Global Map. Tactics absolute format does not work, and in 90% of cases, we have to play against the total defense. Extremely difficult to open protection when the tank is destroyed in 2-3 shots, and the enemy does not take any action.

Now your clan not only takes the first place on the Walk of Fame clans, but in the first place by the number of fighters in the top 30 000. As you can provide such record levels? Were there any conflicts over who goes into battle?

conflict in the clan was not. Behind the back of the experience of three events before the start of the campaign for people to doubt the receiving tank, was asked to leave the clan, left two people. Other fighters are actively fighting. Naturally, the commanders watched places soldiers on the Walk of Fame and was pulled backward. For our clan first important victory in the campaign, though, I think, 90 men of our clan is already guaranteed a receiving tank due to the large number of victories and first place in the stage.

Will you or diplomacy was enough plan of attack and not lose fights?

For us, the role of diplomacy in the first stage has been reduced almost to zero, we just planned maximum number of fights and tried to win.

Who do you think its main competitors in the campaign? How do you get them to get around at the finish line of the first stage?

Our main rival – the clan -KORM . In general, they are the main contenders for victory in the campaign. The fight for victory in the first stage was hot, and the guys from -KORM in recent days lost several important battles, and we, on the contrary, held a series of landslide victory in the Far primetime.

Regulations published the second phase. Share strategy: how do you plan to hold the championship in the second stage?

strategy is the same: to take part in the battles for the fortress and citadel and win.

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