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Server general test will be available on April 6 at 19:30 (GMT). & gt;

  • Fixed problem with switching to a tank ally in spectator mode after the destruction of the tank.
  • A lot of errors and omissions in the new features the team fights.
  • Fixed some bugs in the new chat features.
  • Fixed some issues when playing records fights.
  • Fixed some problems when using the equipment.
  • Fixed some flaws in Interface Mode “fortified areas.”
  • Improved performance on the map “Overlord”.
  • Fixed errors in some objects on the map “Overlord”.
  • Fixed bugs landscape on the map ” Overlord. “
  • Fixed some problems and shortcomings of visual models of tanks AMX 30 1er prototype, FV201 (A45), JagdPz E-100, Somua S35.
  • Fixes in damage model JS-4 .

Let us hope that the test will not be 4, and the patch will be released shortly.

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