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The Tutorial Process
2015-05-14 08:22:00 / Guides

With the introduction of the Update 1.8 comes a new and improved tutorial! Below is quick summary of what you’ll be learning in the tutorial as well as the rewards you can expect once certain parts of the tutorial have been completed.

The World of Tanks Blitz tutorial can only be accessed by players who are just starting an account. When first firing the game up, you will see the main login screen shown below:

From this menu, touch the screen as instructed to begin the tutorial.

When starting the tutorial you will be required to select any one of the four tier I starter tanks. These tanks are the Soviet MS-1, U.S. T1 Cunningham, German Leichtrakktor and British Medium Mk. I.

Once you have selected your starter tank, you will be taken to the Proving Grounds. Here the game will educate you on how to move the camera, move your tank, fire a shell, use consumables, how to activate sniper mode and understanding the auto-aim feature.

After completing your Proving Grounds training, you will receive a few goods to get you started in your Garage:

When you return to your Garage from the Proving Grounds, you will also be shown how to research new modules for your tank. You will also be introduced to a new map, Trial by Fire, which is brand new.  During your first few battles you will also be rewarded Premium time. Premium time can be purchased for Gold and is also included in Premium bundles from the Shop periodically. Premium Time gives you benefits by providing 50% more Credits and XP for each battle:

After you’ve learned how to research modules for your tank, you will be shown how to research a new tank. The tutorial will then show you how to research a tier II tank through the Tech Tree.  Some other notable features you will learn about in this part of the tutorial include:

Resupplying your ammunition Resupplying your Consumables Training your Crew members

To complete the tutorial, you will also be required to purchase a tank of another nation. The tier I starter tanks for each nation are available at no cost. Once this has been completed, you will receive a final reward for completing the tutorial!

With this Gold, you can get a head start on your tanking career!

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