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Самый уродливый танк нннннннннада?
Hello, my friends!
Do you know such as the Panther tanks , Tiger, T-34, Sherman. Well of course you know, these tanks are known to all. But why? The thing is that they have been expertly designed, were widespread, and these armored vehicles to successfully solve tasks.
But there were quite candid failed project, some were made of a small party, and some did – 2-5 machines.
Yet these were the tanks, poorly performing, ugly, catastrophic, the worst in its class – but it was the tanks! The machines were manufactured.

The ugliest tank nnnnnnnnnada?

When 4 years ago MMO game “World of Tanks” came out, one of the principles was “unique models of tanks, to the smallest details recreated by actually existing machines to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the tank battles of WWII. All improvements are available for tanks in strict accordance with the historical realities. “
Years go, appetites grow CVG. The game introduced a huge number of prototypes, which were made with or without towers and guns or even a cardboard. These tanks do not even go into the metal, for whatever reason.
In patch 0.9.5 the following will happen: will be introduced armored vehicle, which designers CVG simulated pencil drawing (some argue that a board of plasticine or modelka cardboard was still.) This PT-ACS T28 Concept will be a prize for performing player IBZ – individual combat missions.

T28 Concept

Hitpoints : 900
Engine: 960 hp
Weight: 70 tons
Power-to-weight: 13,71 hp / t
Maximum speed: 29 km / h
Hull traverse: 18 deg / s
Hull armor: 203/101/50
Gun: 105mm T5
Damage: 320/320/420
Penetration: 181/224/53
Rate of fire: 6 74
DPM: 2156,8
Accuracy: 0,4
Aimtime: 2,1
Gun traverse: 18 deg / s
Viewrange: 370
Radiorange: 570

T28 Concept

T28 Concept

T28 Concept

Introduction IBZ – a definite plus in the game, but it praaaasti-hospadya-PT-ACS nafig!
and reminded me of a story about shushpantsere …

As Swedes antiaircraft gun rapid-fail!

Bofors 120mm
By the mid-50s of the last century in the field of defense has developed quite an unpleasant situation. The experience of the last war to say that when a sufficient density of antiaircraft fire bomber formations essentially lose their effectiveness, and it is good. But the advent of nuclear weapons and all jet aircraft smashed. Instead armada bombers flew a single high-speed aircraft, which had to shoot down any price. Not clear from 5% to 200 aircraft, not 10% or even 50%. Guaranteed to knock, otherwise everything will be bad. For this traditional cannon artillery old enough bad – caliber with a decent rate of fire does not hold, and the rate of those that could reach – was breath-taking. 3-4 shots per minute and all. It was necessary to raise the rate of the order to have time to fill up the jet bomber. Well, since the Swedish Bofors metallurgical concern about this year has designed quick-155mm howitzer, the experience of this was attached to the creation of more high-velocity 120mm gun. Zenith! However, the successful result of the creators and the military disappoint.

Bofors 120mm
What a disappointment? Yes, the fact that when a monstrous weight, cost and complexity – all the same problem is not solved. Arrange as many anti-aircraft machine so that they can (subject to the reach of the guns) to protect, say, Stockholm from carriers breakthrough single bomb is simply impossible. Like guarantee with some acceptable probability destruction unguided missiles similar purposes. Moreover, that the growth speed of the aircraft and the appearance of supersonic aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons has reduced the time to fire up some impossible small quantities, as required for the seeding of all the cone of probability the number of shells turned completely insane. Even the battery, the ability of each instrument to spit out 16 rounds in half a minute – did not solve the problem.

The age of guided missiles that can shoot down two or three times the foe with a guarantee. Large-caliber anti-aircraft guns, even rate, in the past. Yes, I know that they were in the Navy, but there is another problem – the course objectives is known, so the creation of the veil on the road going to the ship missiles or aircraft is much easier than to shoot down aircraft flying past. And the rate of problem there is solved easily, brute force. Soviet AK-130 (40-70 rounds per minute), for example, weighs 89 tons.

plays in the tanks, get freak

Even praise and proplachennye review of AEM, Jovi Flares and will not change the overall picture!

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