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The Uncatchable Cromwell B Bundle
2017-08-11 10:00:00 / Events
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The Cromwell B rushed into the in-game store like a shot. It is a fast-paced quick-firing Premium vehicle, always prepared for your ingenious maneuvers. Outflanking enemy vehicles, circling behind heavies and tank destroyers, bringing more credits after a battle—all these are the favorite activities of this swift Brit.

The Premium vehicle bundle includes three days of Premium Account time, 2,500 Gold, and legendary camouflage with a self-explanatory name — Berlin.

Available for sale till 2:55 PT (5:55 ET) on August 18:

Набор «Неуловимый Cromwell B»

The Uncatchable Cromwell B Bundle

 The Cromwell B; The legendary Berlin camouflage; A slot in the Garage; Three days of Premium Account time; 2500.

* The specified price may vary depending on regional settings and other parameters of your device.

Cromwell B Technical Specifications

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