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Wife tank commander

“War not a woman’s face “- the famous aphorism, which, alas, will never be true. The burden of the war at all times bear a not only men but also on women’s shoulders, and during the Great Patriotic War – especially hard. One of the many thousands of Soviet women in the war was Ekaterina Lebedeva.

By 1941, she has worked stenographer Stalin was a widow “enemy of the people” and she withstood the terrible year and a half in Butyrskaya. When with her charges dropped, Catherine went to work at the All-Union Radio. In late 1941, on an assignment, she went to the 4th Armored Brigade Michael Katukova already had time to become famous as the man who stopped Guderian offensive on Moscow.

From the Editor – the front

Catherine arrived in the brigade in lacquered shoes. After the interview with the brigade commander took dinner. Katukov on it and offered Lebedeva to stay with him. Catherine agreed, though well aware of what is the risk – to be at the forefront. Later, in his memoirs, she explained that in fact have long wanted the front to get rid of the oppressive status of “enemy of the people of his wife.” Her union with Mikhail Efimovich first was not even love, feelings come later.

Гвардии старшина Катукова Having translation in katukovskuyu brigade, renamed the 1st Guards Tank, Ekaterina went to Mikhail Efimovich the war. Guard sergeant medical service, she saves the life of wounded soldiers, bringing them out of the fire. Twice she was wounded, almost lost his hand, constantly risked her life.

“It all happened in an instant – a small fragment from the bomb went through my hair and quietly fell at his feet. I picked it up. He was still warm, rough shape, with very sharp edges. I took him for a long time and kept in the haversack. But later, under Sandomierz, where they were very heavy fighting, we Mikhail Efimovich came under mortar fire and my duffel bag was gone, disappeared, and a fragment of what regret – after all memory. “

Illustrious commander of the 1st Panzer Army was not shy about his wife battle. He was courteous and gallant, gave Ekaterina flowers, dedicated poems. “It was a real, beautiful love, though near was a terrible war,” – she recalled.

Their life was everything: the daily rigors of military labor and gatherings with friends; troubles, loss – and humorous jokes brightened military routine. Ekaterina maintained throughout the victorious husband. Happy event for her was their joint visit to Moscow. Katukov Bids received orders to come to a meeting in the Kremlin. The couple went to the capital together: “House was only a father, and my dear and beloved – in the evacuation, beyond the Urals. Inexpressible joy of meeting! “

When the war was no longer & hellip;

М. Е. Катуков в годы войны There was victorious spring of 1945. When General Katukov marched to the Victory Parade in the column of the 1st Belorussian Front, his “outdoorsy field-wife,” as she called herself, there was the guest of honor. And then Fradkov and Ekaterina were married. For the next six years, the family returned to Germany Katukova. He became governor-general of Saxony, she learned German, helped preserve the unique porcelain factory in Dresden.

Katukova lived together for thirty years of peace. June 8, 1976, Marshal Katukov died. Say goodbye to him, Ekaterina devoted herself to the memory of her husband, everything generations of war and victory. Her work has been a memorial museum Katukov, thanks to her there was a museum “History of the T-34” – the beloved husband fighting machine.

Ekaterina Katukova until the last days of his life working on the memories of the heavy and glorious military pore. “Women at War – doctors, nurses, lёtchitsy, scouts, snipers, signalers, regulirovschitsy – along with male warriors carry your cross and thorny his kindness, tenderness, hastening the Great Victory” – she wrote.

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