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Три орешка для Золушки
Hello, tankers!
Once celebrated in the mists of fighter [1999009 ] uberkreatur wrote in LJ world_of_ru its proposals, which it would be nice to introduce our game with you ‘World of Tanks’ on the 5th anniversary. Text of the author. So …

Three new suitable mode for the “World of Tanks”

Dear potatoes. I hope you’re through their representatives see it. So lately Vargeyming in tanks with new modes of fighting really bad. Aside from football, the last godnotoy were “team battles.” They are actively playing and now I’m there from the rest of randomness.
From the “confrontation” the majority of players do not care. I played with a smile – at least some variety.
“Historic battles” were rotten version of confrontation. I played a couple of times and gave up.
“fortified area” is not likely to take off. The same company with the distribution of allowances. But out of the MLP, search zadrotskie clan, gather the team and masturbate for me these allowances, working person, do not want to. Even I will not try. I’d better go in Maynkraft way – Maps for Minecraft PE you can download on the portal minecraft-lord.ru.

Once you have a crisis of ideas – keep three conceptually worked regime, which will surely be play people who are forever popular and will give players a hundred times more impressions than your past attempts.

Mode “airstrike”

includes checkboxes. (Ibid, where the “assault” and “meeting engagement”)

Actually is a standard battle on the standard map, only in the sky there are many waypoints, and it constantly flying airplanes, as a fiery arc. But they do not fly just so, and periodically dropping bombs with some variance. TTX bomb similar to the average land mines artillery of the level at which the battle. (Ie sand will damazhit 100, a dozen at all in 2000.)

waypoints arranged in such a way that the planes randomly bombed popular nychki where usually stoyalovo and kustodrotyat any TP. (In this case, competent PT-water will not suffer, will train for skill at first sounds of air attack run on their hellkotah.) This battle will be a lot of funny situations, when the sound of approaching aircraft players left their pants and burst out in all directions, and the plane bomb is not dropped.


  • mode with the howling bombs and such explosions add something otherworldly atmospherics. Such a smell of napalm in the morning.
  • mode enables APC without the need to mutilate cards and turn them into unnatural looking korridornoe bodalovo.
  • mode has to fundamentally new tactical decisions. For example, go to the risky rush at the moment, when a superior opponent scared flies aircraft.
  • While playing with algorithms aircraft can fulfill this your PvE.
  • Unobtrusive advertising of your airplane.
  • [ 1999062]

    Mode “One against all”

    includes checkboxes. (Ibid, where the “assault” and “meeting engagement”.) Only after exploring art X level.
    Один против всех

    Usual place 8-10 level, but it is not 30 players, but only 16 Of these, 15 form a random typical command to fight a level 10. And one player discovers that he was not in the battle on its IS-3, and suddenly in a special tank at level 11, which he had never been and never will be in the hangar.

    Tank this is enchanting imbu , for example to 279 or Ratti. And the whole fight team is trying to kill this Ratti, such as in the training room playing “kill IS-7 kvass.” Such is the spontaneous raid boss. During this raid they will be given a medal, and a pair of very talented to farm a lot more than usual. In turn, the player feels Ratti elected, the god of war and catches Lulz on an industrial scale. And that he did not have the motivation to play giveaway, in case of defeat after the battle, he was forced to pay for repairs Ratti damn bank. But it is equally high when winning the jackpot. Fight takes place in a comfortable on the boss map.


    • mode allows you to enter the same in the game memetichnye super-imby (or modern tanks) and do not break while random.
    • Ratti impossible to buy, but if you are very lucky – you’ll be able to sit at the helm of his.
    • Mode awakens the devil passion for great and grandiose boar, and not all hunters will survive to capture.

    Mode “Chaser”

    Included in the drop-down menu. (However, where the platoon and KB.)

    In fact the contrary is a platoon. Allows you to get into a fight with a certain player, but on the side of the enemy. The process looks like this:
    1 Writing in the nickname of “victim.” Go see the online player or not.
    2 Select the tank. (It gets first juicy details, see below.) Click “into battle.”
    3 fall into the standby mode. Hang out there as long as the victim has not come to fight.
    4.1 In the event that our tank was too high level – throws us back to the menu with the message “improper technique”.
    4.2 In the event that suitable tank or smaller level – get into the fight. (And there are too careless hunters can have fun nap, hitting the sandy tank to dozens.)
    5 In combat victim not highlighted in red, and purple. For the destruction of the victim hunter give a medal “nice hunter.” Sacrifice for the destruction of the hunter give a medal “The Elusive Avengers.”
    6 in order to pray ‘is not going to “Company”, the number of hunters in the one sacrifice to limit to two or three.

    Benefit: [ 1999021]

    • Giga-tons of fun.
    • It is possible to arrange a rematch who killed you heviku (and then he was to you, and so many times). You can arrange pvp directly in combat. You can scoff at the pursuer, accidentally caught in the fight too shallow technique. You can insidiously confuse the pursuer, coming on sand tanks, and then suddenly a dozen.
    • It is possible to hunt Jovi on clan extras for developers on Amway and Murazora. You can hunt for crayfish, who came to hunt you. Collecting screenshots destroyed characters. The number of possible situations uporotyh so great that the regime has a chance to become the most popular in general.

    Yes, potatoes, I did not even hope you washed down some of these modes . But if you still washed down, I guarantee you that the players will carry you on their hands.
    As you all of the above?

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