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Tickets to Blitz Twister Cup
2017-10-10 11:00:00 / Tournaments

On November 11, guests from all over the world will come to Minsk. Here, in the hometown of World of Tanks Blitz, the offline finals of the Blitz Twister Cup international tournament will be held. The four strongest teams from different regions will meet there:

CIS — [C4] C4; Asia— [EHR] Ehre2; Europe — [LGN] Legion; North America — [PRAMO] Blitzkrieg.

All of them fought hard and won in the qualifying tournaments. Now the teams are going to Minsk to compete for the title of world champions and a prize fund of 30,000 dollars.

The Blitz Twister Cup is not only a tournament, but also a live meeting with developers, where you can come by simply buying a ticket. If you’ve wanted to visit Minsk, this is another reason to plan a trip for November 11. We look forward to seeing you!

In addition to the participants themselves, the top-rated players, popular streamers, and sociable developers will come to the offline finals. Together, we’ll support our favourite teams, talk about plans for the near future, and answer all your questions.

Thanks to the current visa-free regime for the citizens of 80 countries, travelling to Minsk will become more accessible for participants and guests of the tournament.

Communication at the event will be conducted in Russian and English.


65 Pobediteley Ave., Minsk, Belarus. The Prime Hall concert venue is located on the 4th floor of the Zamok shopping centre.

The event will be held on November 11, starting at 11:00 local time. We have prepared a rich program and plan to finish at about 7-8 p.m.

The ticket price is 10 Belarusian rubles (about 5-6 $ depending on the exchange rate). The number of tickets is limited. Tickets are available for sale only at tczamok.by .

Buy a ticket at tczamok.by

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