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Hello everyone,

a few screenies from the 9.5 KTTS video. The individual mission selection screen – as you can see, the stages will unlock as you progress.


Here are the tank descriptions from the video on the minimap, but Storm stated these are from an obsolete version, so the final product will look a bit different.


Here’s a screenie of the girl crew in the StuG. I really wonder about the voiceovers – while entertaining, I think that transvestite crews are not something WG is aiming for.


Oh and good eyes – not sure who picked it, but it was published on FTA VK page. Basically, they used the IT-76 or IT-45 model in the video. A short background – just like the Sentinel in the last KTTS/ASAP video, the IT is a very, very old model of a light Soviet tank destroyer, that was never used in the game (this is ancient stuff, like 3-4 years back). It was originally supposed to be an alternative light lowtier tank destroyer, but WG scrapped it back then and somehow, it never made it into the game. The vehicle itself was a Soviet wartime attempt to create something like a Hetzer – a cheap and small tank destroyer. It never entered mass production.


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