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Tier of Duty: Week Three
2015-07-23 18:00:00 / Events

For three weekends throughout the month of July, we’re offering you a chance to win Gold! Each weekend we’ll be posting up challenges; fulfill the requirements and you’ll be elligible to win Gold. It’s that simple!

Tier of Duty, Week Three Starts: Friday, July 24, 04:00 PT (07:00 ET)
Ends: Sunday, July 26, 04:00 PT (07:00 ET)

Challenge: Using any tier VII vehicle, earn an Epic Achievement medal (any except Fadin’s Medal)

Prize: 1,000 will be awarded to 100 winners. 

Prizes will be awarded on July 29 Winners will be determined by raffle, completing the above challenge will enter you into the raffle.

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