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Thanks to Martin K. for this one. The museum at Saumur on its youtube channel published another video – this time sound recordings from the Tiger II sound. Apart of having the sheer delight of seeing this monster moving (the only one in the world), it’s reasonable to believe that the guys recording the sound are from Wargaming, so we might in the end have a truly authentic Tiger II sound as well!

Okay, a tidbit that might be interesting for you. Recently (not sure when, but can’t have been long ago), Wargaming apparently – according to the words of of a Wargaming employee (no names for now) – 3D scanned the AMX-30 in Saumur (for some strange reason, WG scanned a middle-late production vehicle apparently instead of the prototype, which is there also – why? No idea). So in case you were wondering, yea – the next branch is probably the French AMX-30 one (heavy tanks on the other hand – not in 2015, or probably ever).


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