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Offset time battles on the Global Map

world war 243


Regions North America and the Arctic Circle on -prezhnemu of great interest of the players. In this regard, we provide a new opportunity for more fighting.

What has changed?

  • Within the framework of these regions now appear province, where fighting will start with an offset in time relative to normal time fights.
  • Start time fighting in these provinces will move within 15 minutes from the start of the fighting in the provinces with the base time.
  • [1,999,026] Duration of fights in these provinces will be reduced to 10 minutes.

These changes will allow clans to spend more fights as part of its prime time, with the same number of active fighters. So, if earlier for several designated clan battles had to choose which of them to participate, it is now possible to successfully play all scheduled fights on condition that a sufficient number of active clan chips.

provinces with displaced fights start time will be marked with a special symbol that makes it easy to find them on the global map. In addition, the vast majority of provinces will abut at least one province with a displaced start time fighting.

Note! The changes apply only to the regions of North America and the Arctic Circle.

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