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ЛТ в Мире Танков 0.9.3
Hi guys!
As you know, in the update 9.3 MMO games [ 1999007] “World of Tanks” we will the introduction of new radiotherapy (light tanks) 8th level. You can download WOT test client and personally verify this.
Our friend and comrade in arms Simon Armour callsign nemarluk in Learn published an essay on the theme “Looking LT tanks on the planet.” Read, comment, think …

RT do not need

As part of our game a priority of light tanks nominally is the timely provision of his team’s operational taktichekoy information. Other tasks – raids, light fire support – are minor and are performed in cases when these are ideal opportunities.

At the moment, light tanks are losing an average of the vulnerability, strength and glasses, in most cases, in the arms of (to this point we shall return in the future), the level of fighting, have about the same with them to review and mobility. Their only advantage – smaller size.

Thus, the medium tanks (and a few PT-ACS – Alecto, T49, helket E25), if desired, can perform the basic task light tanks as qualitatively, and more – the better.

To this is added a number of factors historiographical nature – reducing the number of artillery in battle and as a result, increasing the number of stems per unit area; emergence of a large number of tanks with high masking or powerful guns; improvement in the accuracy of all instruments, simplifying the hit on a moving target; changes in the physics engine, complicating an active exploration. There is also a view that the role of intelligence has declined since the nerf arts – opinion is wrong, but it is necessary to mention.

As a result, a class of light tanks in the game completely lost its meaning. Potato tries to do it by strengthening the weapons of light tanks. This way is wrong, because it does not solve the problem in the complex – Lt. still are not able to solve specific tasks on the battlefield.

This is a problem and it needs to be addressed.

The security of

Of course, the light tanks do not need thick armor. But that’s why LT is still less (about 20% at high levels) points of strength than the ST – a mystery. Previously, it was necessary to make a noob (and not only) on the T-50-2 is not broke to arte only due to the fact that it does not have time to come to an end HP. Now the need for it no longer, and the extra HP would allow light tanks to act more confidently.

Need to increase the number of points of strength of light tanks to the level of the PT, which are with them at the same level of fighting.


Of course, the mobility of light tanks to increase dramatically in any case it is impossible, not to return to WORLD OF chitomoped where around at great speed rush tanks in which impossible to get. This complicates the control of the map, making the battle chaos, provoking play the Lt. both ascarid cat.

is permissible to increase patency of soils for 5-10 percent of most instances of the type sosnuli Stewart.

Overview and masking

often expressed the idea that for the resuscitation of LT as a class rather Nerf review all tanks by 20-25%. Of course, it is not – first of all, welcome to the WORLD OF even more invisible Fri, shooting on someone else’s lit up, and secondly – it does not solve the basic problems of tanks intelligence, which are described below, in the third, on the nerf I lit Ass , do not be so.

Need to go on the way back – to increase light tanks camouflage and review. Significantly. Yes, give an overview of more than 400 meters. Yes, I know that the above features of this review is not, and only increases the ability to detect camouflaged targets.

This is what we want.

With a basic overview of, say, 460 (figures here and below the proposal from the ceiling) and masking standing in two, and on the move – in half, intelligence tanks will be able to detect the hiding PT enemy before they find them. This will cause the PT moves to the rear edge of the battle, and they can not, taking a good position, to fuck polkarty impunity control everything battlefield. In addition, anal deficit at the end of the battle will be meaningless – and still find no light.

At the same bands and CT of such changes will not be affected – the first is still playing from the shelter, the second – on the mobility. But these two classes will lose the temptation to simply stand in the bushes.

Finally, light tanks will be able to explore not only standing in the bush, which is one for the whole card. Due to differences in the survey and disguise LT can finally move on the open section of the map. At the same time blatantly break still will not work – at 100-150 meters still lit and zafokusyat as the nearest target.

Overview and masking all light tanks in the game must be improved considerably. [ 1999005]


Smart analyst ponyasha, read up to this point, has smashed face feyskhufami with the words “stupid ass, you just invented megahelket / E25 – a machine that can quickly take the main point, sees all, and no one sees it. ” He’s right.

To avoid this situation, you need to degrade weapons fireflies.

First, guns reconnaissance tanks should have a very high variation – about 0.6, and a very low broneprobitie. With these characteristics, attempts to implement a tank ambush tactics stelby of invize in large and medium distances will be absolutely futile – it is impossible to get, it is impossible to break. But for shooting at point blank range on the sides and stern Framed in a dump strands is enough.

Such radical force wanting to shoot transfer to PT and the PT. Shooting – this is not for scouts.

This auxiliary tasks – search and Denying vanshotov, destroying artillery – it is possible to perform and with such weapons.

also need to somehow drastically reduce disguise after shot, and possibly ammunition to keep standing in the bushes and shoot even those who are willing to tolerate low accuracy. LT, who decides to shoot standing, must immediately lights up and die. Shooting remains to easy tank only in extreme cases.

However, the stabilization and reduction of the scouts should make very good – light tank does not choose the position, he should be always ready to fire, including the move.
[ 1999005] Finally, it should Nerf PDM – give weapons or a large alpha and slow recharging, or with a very small (less than 100) and average recharging. LT, ST on DPMu skirmish – this is wrong.

So light tanks need to strongly degrade the accuracy, PDM, size of ammunition and camouflage after the shot, but to increase the stabilization and speed information.


In order not to break the economic model (the guns are not present), and in general in all fairness, fireflies have to give much more experience and money for the light and the damage to it, it stimulates active game.
Also fireflies should issue special bombs to conventional guns – with great loss; or osbye explosive cannon. This will increase the effectiveness of shooting on the move “in silhouette”, as well as efficacy against tonkobronnyh [FET] ACS, but it does not give stoop. Golda’s worth at all to take away. Is not necessary.

So we get light tanks, which can not at all in the shooting, but in the opening and middlegame without problems can explore any part of the map and reveal the position of campers / Defera, and in the endgame – effectively find and finish off wounded game and Panfilov on Fri In this art gets more opportunities for targeting and firing at standing lazy Fri, art and bands do not change the gameplay, is that they lose the opportunity to cosplay PT and PT go fuck yourself, because it is right no longer be a class noubreynovogo Naguib of everything and go to regain the role of direct tech support. I proposed rebalance class eliminates the need to rework “in-line” cards for reconnaissance tanks – can be configured so LT have to play effectively without leaving the line of fire, while the other machines are not at risk of dying after the first glare of the mass of fire from all sides.

In the game there are machines with unique gameplay and role on the battlefield, other classes do not suffer. Those who like the current gameplay litas as small and fast DPS, have in their raporyazhenii T49, batchata and others. You can leave them and some devyanostika and T71.

ЛТ в Мире Танков 0.9.3

clank, clank

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