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From renovation to update World of Tanks is becoming more interesting and multi-faceted. We wish you successful battles, and recall that arise with any game you have questions or problems you can contact Customer Support Center (LAC) , whose staff work around the clock and are ready to provide expert assistance in any situation.

Below we describe the most frequently asked questions related to the release of the update, and possible solutions.

The problems associated with the use of modifications

play a lot of World of Tanks using different versions of the client. We remind you that they are not created by Wargaming, and third-party developers and users. Therefore, when the output of official updates World of Tanks may not perform as the game client with modified files: drop fps, «hangs” and “crashes” of the client, the lack of texture in sniper mode as well as a number of other problems.

In most cases, these problems can be solved by removing the modification of the game, sometimes it takes a completely reinstall the client. More questions related to modifications, as well as ways to solve problems considered here .

The company Wargaming is not responsible for the operation of the game client modified files. Exceptions are fashion WG Stream and WG Social . All users are using these modes, it is recommended to download and install the latest version by clicking on the links.

Performance. Fall FPS

In order to make the most of the available capacity of the computer and get comfortable performance of the game, it is important to optimally configure the client. It is recommended to use the auto-detection graphics settings. Open the game client tab Menu & gt; Settings & gt; Graphics Press Recommended , wait for the settings and click Apply . The system automatically will select the most appropriate for the game graphics quality, based on the parameters of your computer.

In many cases, to solve the problems with the graphics in the game can update your graphics driver. On the site you will find the CPP detailed instructions on how to do this for video Nvidia and Radeon .

We also offer to view the video, which will help to set up the schedule, based on the capabilities of your computer.

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