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Top 5 Japanese-Designed Tanks
2017-01-02 13:43:00 / News

While Japan may not have the expansive tank arsenals of Russia or Germany, Blitz has featured some fascinating tanks designed in Japan — both based on historical fact and pure fiction. Here’s our top five Japanese-designed tanks featured in Blitz!

Chi-Nu Kai “Shinobi”

The Chi-Nu Kai was designed to counter Sherman tanks in the Pacific, but never reached production before the end of the war. It battles on in Blitz, especially our original “Shinobi” variant with striking shuriken camouflage!

Ke-Ni Otsu

This tier III light tank has earned itself quite a reputation as an absolute beast in battle, capable of dominating other tanks of its tier. Whenever someone starts talking trash about light tanks, introduce ‘em to the Ke-Ni Otsu.

“Valkyria Chronicles” Vehicles

These are two tanks, but we love them both. The Edelweiss is a potent medium tank with a dangerous gun that’s eerily familiar to the German Panther. The Nameless is a heavy tank with thick frontal armor and acceleration that’ll surprise you. 

Panzer IV Ankō Special

Sure, this tank originally hails from Germany, but the Ankō Special is a decidedly Japanese overhaul courtesy of the tankers at Oarai Girls High School. It was the first tank from “Girls und Panzer” that we featured, though it certainly wasn’t the last. We gave it away in a special stage event and it quickly turned into one of the most popular tanks of its tier.


The latest Japanese-designed tank to hit Blitz is a special one: Designed by artist Kunio Okawara, the O-47 brings sci-fi flair to the battlefield. Okawara is a legend among designers in Japan, and we’re thrilled to feature his work. The O-47 is available now in the Premium Shop, so grab it while you can!

Learn More About the O-47

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