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Hello Warriors,

a thank you to “theSTG44” for bringing this to my attention!

Oh joy of joys! At The Tank Museum, the Tortoise has finally left the VCC (Vehicle Conservation Centre) which only opens in very special occasions to the public and is back on display for everyone to see!

The A39 Tortoise is the ultimate manifestation of the British concept of the heavily armoured, but slow, ‘Infantry’ tank.
It was built in 1947, making it a contemporary of the highly successful Centurion tank. The Tortoise proved to be too slow and unwieldy for the conditions of modern warfare and was a nightmare to transport.
The only service that the Tortoise had was when two tanks took part in trials in Germany in 1948. The Tank Museum’s Tortoise is now the only surviving example.” – The Tank Museum’s FB

At the beginning of this year it had to go into the VCC, quoting the museum staff words “the lad was pissing oil”. Hoping to see the Nubian Queen Matilda II next on display, she’s been for awhile in the VCC for the exact same reasons and the M3 misses its girl! :)

Tortoise is the best thing that ever arrived to my World of Tanks garage. It surpassed the love I still feel for the IS-3, a tank I’ve owned for over 3 years in-game and that went as far as catching a plane to another country to see a model being driven!
As a main HT and TD player this vehicle is just PERFECT because no matter which battle I get, MM just cant punish me. When top tier I will push as a Heavy and if bottom/mid tier I can always be more passive as a Tank Destroyer while relentlessly taking advantage of its good DPM!

And for some reason I cant stop singing this song while thinking of it:

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