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Total Annihilation: Use Your New Soviet TDs!
2016-04-05 19:00:00 / News

Here’s the perfect opportunity to break in those new Soviet tank destroyers we’re introducing with Update 2.8: Total Annihilation. Once the update goes live, the annihilation begins and you’ll be challenged to deal as much damage as possible in your new tank destroyers! If the North American region can dish out a combined 444,100,000 points of damage, all qualifying players will win Premium time and a Garage slot!

Looking for the low down on the new tank destroyers? Read our overview!

Total Annihilation Event Details Begins immediately after Update 2.8 goes live
Ends April 17, 17:01 PT / 20:01 ET Prizes Five days of Premium and one Garage slot Rules Elligible players will receive in-game prizes if culmulative damage dealt by the North American region in qualifying vehicles reaches 444,100,000 Only damage dealt using the SU-100M1, SU-101, SU-122-54, or Object 263 will qualify Players must play at least 30 battles in any of the four vehicles listed above to qualify for the prize Once 444,100,000 damage is dealt, the event ends!

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