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Tournament “5 by 5”. The new format


Most of you aware of the daily round tournament series “3-5-7”, many of you are involved. [1,999,015]

[1,999,017] HQ is pleased to announce the introduction of changes in the competition format “on 5 5. More details – below.

calendar and format

There are no more restrictions on the number of registrations for a certain tournament teams .

tournament now “fives” consists of two rounds: the group stage and the playoffs. The maximum number of teams in the same group – 6 . Collectives took the first three places in each group reach the second round, where the champion is determined.

competition takes place in two time zones. The first stage will be held on Friday , the second – on Saturday . Time of the two rounds – at 20:30 Moscow time and Yakut . [1,999,015]

[1,999,017] Registration for each tournament will be open from 20:00 to 20:00 Monday medium Moscow and Yakutsk time.

Tournaments “5 by 5” held for art VI, VIII and X levels. [1,999,008]

[1,999,068] Tournament for the technology level VI

Tournament for technology VIII level

Tournament for technology X level



Number of prizes has been increased to eight, a total prize fund of the tournament “5 of 5” is now 450 000 ! K A team will be awarded for the second phase.


Shown prizes for single player.


As mentioned above, tournaments “5 by 5” held for art VI, VIII and X levels. [1,999,008]

Each tour group stage takes place on a map of the following:

  • “Siegfried Line”;
  • “Lasvill”;
  • “mines”;
  • “Ensk “;
  • ” Steppe “.


Check out the rules of the tournament .

In the near future changes will also affect the rest of tournaments and series “3-5-7”, what immediately notify headquarters. [1,999,015 ]

Good luck in battle!

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