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In the coming weekend will be the decisive battles in the tournament “The absolute superiority: Siege” , which identifies the strongest clan RU-region in the “absolute” format.

All last week were heated battles and qualifying group stage, and eventually decided on 8 strongest teams that meet in an uncompromising struggle in the final stage of the tournament.

Some statistics

Total of the tournament have applied 73464 player in the 5019 commands.

Approved for tournament 44930 players 2288 commands.

Thus, this tournament so far the most popular in the history of the series “The absolute superiority.”

Qualifying phase was conducted in four time zones, where the team was as follows.

Group A

favorite of the group, of course, – the team SPYD_RIF . All the tournament they lost just one fight, and he was already in the group stage – the team CYS-A to occupy the second place in the group .

The decisive battle took place in the group on the last card, “Mine”, where CYS-A beating N_ERA received coveted ticket to the final stage. If N_ERA won, then they would have gone to the finals by winning over No Mercy in person.


Group B

First place in the group s animaet team KOPM -1 recruited from players and led by Gold Series legendary de1uxe . All the tournament this team lost just one fight. The second place team KOHEC losing in the group only one match – the leader of the group.

Group C

This group is also the leader of the competitive players – team KOPM-2 . But on the second place – a dark horse team FLEW. These guys managed to win against all rivals in the group, second only to the leader.

Group D

Team LNGST in heavy fighting has managed to not lose a single game in the group and came out with confidence 1 th place. And for the second place because of the tie of the three teams had to carry out additional matches between KANES , 4SIDE and LSTR: Storm map “Kharkiv”. As a result, won a landslide victory, the team KANES was able to get a coveted ticket to the final stage.

It is worth noting that all the teams who failed to get out of the group stage to final, will have significant 50000 in the clan treasury.

The final grid and schedule Tournament

Battles of the final stage will be broadcast on stream-channel Wargaming Live . Follow the news!


In conclusion, we interviewed the captain of the most mysterious team final stage FLEW .

WG: Tell us a few words about yourself.

Love_1s : My name is Vitaly, I’m 18 years old. Now I study at the university in the first year of the Faculty of Philology. In tanks’ve been playing for more than three years, two years of which command the clans. From hobbies, except tanks, you can select a lot, starting with football and martial arts, which I once worked, ending the music, which I am also involved in studying at a music school.

WG: How to create clans, was there anything interesting in its history (notable moments, participation in the global clan events, championships, and so on. d.)?

Love_1s : Before the creation of the clan image [ FLEW ] Paper Airplane I played with friends image [ YOLO ] You Only Live Once . There were minor problems, and samet (commander FLEW) invited us to organize something of their own. We gathered two weeks before the start of the campaign, and especially not hope at all to play on it. But thanks to our wonderful recruiter pyka_B_TaHbke . This man just two weeks we could collect the composition under 80 people. We still managed to play in the campaign, and, moreover, we took 90th place with a lot of medalek. Also, all those who took part in the battles, got Tanchico. As for me, this is a very high figure for the clan, who was going in a hurry. Unfortunately, the other did not have time to take part of Event.

WG: Your team – a sort of “dark horse” of the tournament. What in this regard sensations, moods fighters?

Love_1s : With regard to mood – it’s another story. The whole team thinks very optimistic guys are very happy that we were able to show not just a decent game against the powerful clans, but to win them. One feels that the team is set up to win. I’m a bit pessimistic and the entire tournament press on his team. However, what we have come so far gives me confidence in our abilities.

WG: How was the preparation for the “absolute superiority”?

Love_1s : Originally part we recruited proven fighters, who played with for a long time. Then coached the cards that were supposed to be in the next game. Exercise during the qualifying stage was not difficult, since the maximum 1 match per day. Work card of the group stage we do not have time. To be honest, we did not expect that we will go so far, and the cards were not dismantled us sufficiently. I had to get up at 11 am at the weekend and start training. Also between matches we did not disperse, and again went into the training room and practiced the game moments. In the evening head already in full swing, but the forces were not spent in vain.

WG: What we liked and did not like in the tournament?

Love_1s : The only negative – a lot of fights fell not just on Sunday and even on holiday. It gave some problems. But everything else was great. Excellent organization of the tournament prize pool and chic.

WG: What is it possible to show a good result in a game with the top teams RU-region?

Love_1s : Training, attitude, desire to win and experience. In my opinion, a lot of teams were not ready for the tournament and very often wrong, and in such important battles one mistake can turn the course of the match.

WG: What style of play prefers command?

Love_1s : neat game. We did not fly with the “sword unsheathed.” Give the opponent to make mistakes, lose HP, sometimes by carelessness and technology, and then getting the advantage, act decisively and quickly. The main thing – do not give the initiative to the opponent. Need to play our game, or a chance to win the fight against the experienced team will not be presented.

WG: Describe the most interesting and intense battle for the tournament.

Love_1s : turned out to be particularly tense final battle against a team UA-T company “ZHNARІ” map “Himmelsdorf.” Our opponent needed a victory at all costs, since the defeat deprived them of opportunities to go to the final part. During the fight, none of the teams has not been an explicit advantage on points of strength and destroyed tank. In the end we won, when the end was only 30 seconds, while having only two tanks of 200 HP.

WG: The team has already hit the prize area – How to dispose of reward?

Love_1s : According to socialist principles. From each according to ability – to each according to his work.

WG: What are the goals set for his team and the clan as a whole?

Love_1s : to show beautiful game and make the “sweat” RU-top teams in the region.

WG: What is the secret of success that allows your team to show a good game?

Love_1s : We are not just people who play the game – we are friends . All known each other for more than two years. Some of us are regularly seen in person. The most important thing – it’s the atmosphere within the team, and we have it is amazing.

WG: What do you wish the participants of the tournament and the players just WoT?

Love_1s : I wish the participants of the tournament less FBG in battles to the outcome of battles depended only on the level of play and tactics fighters commander. And all players WoT I wish beautiful victories, as well as peace, love and gum. :)

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