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We are glad to inform you that is not far off another” Battle for Kazakhstan! ” The second season of the series eSports tournaments will begin in this country is already on 19 October. Qualifying rounds this time will be held in Atyrau, Aktobe, Kostanay and Petropavlovsk. Grand Final will be held in Karaganda – the city has earned the honor of hosting the finals, after all tankers from Karaganda won the first season of “Battle of Kazakhstan.”

First battles will Atyrau. The detailed regulations of upcoming games can be found here .

What awaits players

The tournament will be held in two formats: a team competition and individual competition. The team that won the tournament in Atyrau, will take place in the super final.

In addition to the team battles, tank expects the individual competition. Take part in it can be anyone without prior registration and absolutely free of charge.

tournament schedule in Atyrau
  • Registration starts – October 6 . You can register here .
  • Closing reception – On October 12, 20:00 (UTC + 5) .
  • Start Online qualifiers – On October 13, 21:00 (UTC + 5) .
  • Start offline games – October 19 at 12:00 (UTC + 5) . Location: Atyrau, etc.. Student, d. 212, Sports and Cultural Complex “Zhayyқ” ATGU them. H. Dosmukhamedov.
The main provisions of the tournament
  • Tournament “Battle of Kazakhstan” is held in the playoffs ( Up to two wins).
  • The winner of the match in 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 finals is the team had won the first two victories in the series of a maximum of 5 fights, regardless of how many draws. If neither team has won 2 victories in 5 battles of the match, both teams are disqualified for passive play. The winner of the match for third place and the final is the team had won the first three victories in the match, regardless of the number of draws.
  • Duration of fight – 10 minutes.
  • After each battle in 1/32 1/2 finals, the teams change points spawn . Initial spawn is determined by an automatic system of the tournaments.
  • If in the course of the match is a technical failure, the match is replayed in full, regardless of the results already carried out fights. Technical failure is considered to be the case when the results of the battle were not transferred to the page of the championship, does not create a game room or there was a failure (falling) of the server.
  • Teams may consist of tanks of different nations.
  • to participate in the championship of the technique is not allowed above VIII level.
  • You can use the premium tanks, shells and equipment.
  • The team must consist of a minimum of 7 players. Substitutes tournament was not prescribed. The team, consisting of less than 7 players shall not be permitted to participate in the championship.
  • Any team member can participate in the battles of any permitted Regulations art. A set of techniques is not declared.
  • The total number of levels of the tanks in the team should not exceed 42 in each of the fights in the team for 7 cars in total account for 42 points, and part-time staff – less than 42 points, the rate of 1 point per one missing in the first team car.
  • If the team entered the room battle unsettled, the team begins to fight incomplete.
  • Complaints about violations of the regulations adopted in a special topic for 15 minutes after the completion of match. The complaint must be specified stage of the championship, the match and the start time, the name of the offending team, an indication of a violation and shall also contain a screenshot of the violation. The screenshot must be clearly visible Championship title, and the number of game players’ names and the name of art.
  • Teams who violate the rules, as well as all players of the team will be disqualified.

[1999047 ]

Additional provisions
  • Teams and players involved in the Golden League, the tournament is not permitted.
  • Basically, the team must have at least 4 people from Atyrau region. [ 1999030]
  • The team won first place in any tournament series “Battle of Kazakhstan”, receives a quota of the grand final of the tournament and can not participate in future tournaments in this series, except for the grand finale.
  • There are participate in the tournament “Battle of Kazakhstan. The second season of “no more than 3 teams from the clan.
  • participate in the tournament all the teams of the number who applied. In the offline part of the tournament (directly in Atyrau) 4 teams taking part.
  • Tournament draw after registration will be drawn up with the help of a computer program randomly. From this it follows that some teams get into 1/64 automatically (if the number of contenders for victory will be less than 256) and the other for the exit to the next round will need to win the battle in the 1/128 final.
  • When a application to the captain must indicate in the field “game master” first and last name of each member of the team, and his clan name tag, city of residence, as well as the method of communication (email and phone – required). Applications submitted for consideration without the above information will not be accepted.
maps for online qualifiers
  • “Himmelsdorf”;
  • “Ruinberg”;
  • “Monastery”;
  • “The Steppe”;
  • “Ensk.”

[ 1999024]

Please note:

  • travel, accommodation and meals paid by teams who have been online qualifiers. Teams submitting requests to participate must be prepared in the event of the passage in the offline part of the tournament come to town meeting.
  • round of the tournament and the match for third place are up to three victories.
  • B case of a tie, each team earns one point. One draw allowed without adding points. Applies from the second draw.
  • Maps and location spawn for the match for third place and the final of the team captains are selected by draw.
  • Games are held on the server RU5.
Competitions in social networks

During the tournament, in social networks will take special competitions.

Anyone who would make a photo with one of the developers of World of Tanks, post a picture on his page on the social network “VKontakte” and add a link to special topic in World of Tanks Kz during the week will receive a 500 on the account.

Subscribe for our profile in Instagram [ 1999012] Take a picture from the event, put it in your profile with the hashtag #wot #worldoftanks # Atyrau, show photo SMM-employee department directly at the event – and immediately get a bonus code.

Subscribe for our “Twitter” , make a tweet that illuminates the event with hashtag #wot #worldoftanks # Atyrau, show tweet SMM-employee department – and get a bonus code.

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