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Wargaming in conjunction with telecom operator Dom.ru announces a tournament named after AI Milyukov. Tank battles take place in Penza. The player will have an exciting battle, at the end of which they will receive prizes and gifts.

What awaits players

Tournament will be held in two formats: team competition and individual competition.

individual competition takes place without prior registration. Take part in it can be anyone for free. In addition to the competition among all who attend the event will be awarded prizes from the partners of the tournament.

Where and when
  • Registration starts – May 27 [1,999,030].
  • [1,999,026] Complete registration – [1,999,028] June 7 [1,999,028] at 21:00 (UTC + 3) [1,999,030].

  • Start online qualifiers – June 8 [1,999,028] at 20:00 (UTC + 3) [1,999,030].
  • [1,999,026] Start offline games – June 14 at 12:00 (UTC + 3) [1,999,030].

    [1,999,026] Address: [1,999,028] Penza, Stroiteley ave., 1G, RC “The Emerald City . “

How to participate in the tournament .

provisions tournament
    The tournament is held system playoffs (to three victories). [1,999,031]
  • The tournament is held in the format of “Attack / Defense.”
  • [1,999,026] The winner of the match is the team, the first three wins in a series of a maximum of four fights. If none of the teams wins three victories in four matches, held the tie-break (optional match). [1,999,031]

  • [1,999,071] Team which violates the rules, as well as all the players of this team will be disqualified.
  • Travel, accommodation and meals paid by the teams who have been online qualifiers. Teams applying for participation must be prepared in case of passing in the offline stage to come to the city of.
Important Links
Additional provisions
  • Teams and players participating in the Gold Series, to participate in the tournament are not allowed. The player Gold Series is any player who played last season in the Gold Series (RU / EU) or is in the off-season after the completion (even if a player is eliminated from the League). If the player is in the offseason, will take part in the Gold Series in the new season, but the fighting there is not spent, it is permitted to the tournament.
  • are allowed to participate the players not participating in the Gold Series in a single season. To do this, you need to provide links to the team and to your account.
  • If any of the above items the team will be disqualified from a tournament in its entirety.
  • Basically the team should be at least six chelov e to from the Penza region.
  • The tournament was attended by teams from among all submitted. In the offline part of the tournament (directly Penza) four teams taking part.
  • [1,999,026] Net Tournament after registration will be drawn up with the help of a computer program by random selection. That is, some teams will get in the 1/64 finals automatically (if the number of applicants for a victory will be less than 256) and the other for the exit to the next round will be necessary to win the battle in the finals of 1/128.

    [1,999,026] [1,999,027 ] When applying the master should send a letter to the postal address CETournaments@wargaming.net . The letter must specify the name of the game, Full name and city of residence of each team member . The title of the letter should be the name of the team (by default, the name of the game is called the captain, for this purpose it is necessary to specify the desired name of the title for the team). In addition, in a letter to the captain must enter your Skype Name and telephone number.

  • If a team wants to change the name, you must add a new name to the letter or in the section “Description” when you create a team. After checking the name of the team will change.
  • requested information is used only by employees Wargaming for proper conduct of the tournament and were not disclosed.
prize fund

Team Ladder:


  • I place – 40,000 [1,999,027] [1,999,147] + [1,999,212] Headphones SteelSeries Siberia Elite [1,999,030] + certificate for a connection to the service house. ru .
  • II place – 30,000 [1,999,027] + Keyboard SteelSeries Apex + certificate for a connection to the service Dom.ru . [1,999,030]
  • [1,999,026] III place – 20,000 [1,999,027] [1,999,027] + [1,999,226] Mouse SteelSeries Kana v2 [1,999,030] + certificate for a connection to the service Dom.ru .

Competitions in social networks

During the tournament, the social networks will be held a special competition. Subscribe to our profile Instagram Take a picture of the event, place it in your profile with the hashtag #worldoftanks #wot # Penza #domru, show photos SMM-employee department directly at the event – and immediately get a bonus code .

Sign up for our Twitter , make a tweet that illuminates the event with the hashtag #worldoftanks #wot # Penza #domru, show tweet employee SMM-card – and get a bonus code.

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