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On a visit to Wargaming.FM community manager WoT Blitz Daria Klimchuk (button).
Subject ether: Girls in the game world of tanks, all questions on the draft WoT Blitz. (Transcript ether)

– fortified areas are planned in the WoT Blitz.
– Work on clans conducted, the timing is spring-summer 2015.
– There will be special platoons of 3 persons and only for clans.
– 1.8 optimization for a number of devices on Android.
– In the next update will be added 1 more card.
– This year card Himmelsdorf.
– Next thread – ST German Leopard 1. – Experience for tanking – think is likely to be.
– Open test is not planned in the WoT Blitz.
– April-May 2015 – preparing a new event at a premium technique.
– 1.8 In combat missions (total 9 tasks of the day.)
– Balancing Statistics as a big brother will not.
– Please be clans, and only then, will finalize everything, GK, etc.
– change little combat training , the better.
– KV-2, KV-13 will be.
– Next in the development of the nation, but it is a secret.

For the transcript thank WoT Express

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